ZELLCO Introduces VoIP Services

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In an email yesterday, ZELLCO a mobile virtual network operator invited subscribers to register for public VoIP services. According to ZELLCO, the service is being offered by a local network called Gigatel.

This is the first time we’re hearing about Gigatel so we’ll investigate and update. The last time we checked, there was no POTRAZ licensed operator by that name. Maybe it’s just a trade name. We checked the Gigatel website www.gigatel.co.zw mentioned by ZELLCO and we just found some blank pages with a few links.

ZELLCO explains that subscribers who sign up for this new service will get a VoIP phone number which they can use to call other VoIP numbers as well as other mobile and fixed telephone networks globally. Calls to other VoIP numbers on the Gigatel network will be free but calls outside the network will be billed according to a schedule to be released when ZELLCO concludes interconnect negotiations with the other networks.

The monthly subscription for the service will vary according to the package subscribed for and will range from US $5 (the gold class) to US $7 (the platinum class) a month.

There’s no mention of the type of gadgets subscribers will use on this VoIP system. We’ll ask ZELLCO about that as well.

ZELLCO is owned by Farpin Investments, a consortium of local business individuals. Farpin bought ZELLCO from NetOne last year when the later decided to shed off service subsidiaries and concentrate on the core functions of upgrading the network to catch up with rivals Econet and Telecel.

ZELLCO sells and markets NetOne services for a commission. From what we gather here it seems this is the arrangement it will have with Gigatel.


  1. Tawanda

    How can I sign up for this service

  2. alson

    well am so much interested and i even know the offices in avondale how do i subscribe

  3. bandit

    maybe someone should offer to do them a website.. http://www.gigatel.co.zw is DOWN!!

  4. Anonymous

    Lets hope everything is being done for a good intent, otherwise VoIP is a good idea!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    the website should be available guys, hw come such an organisation does not have a website

  6. Shingi

    Gigatel has been installing the infrastructure and preparing the products for the market, next month the website will be up and you will be able to buy online and enjoy the low cost services available from Gigatel – the next generation technology

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