NetOne Is The Talk of The Town?

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NetOne - Talk of The Town
NetOne - Talk of The Town
Came across these men putting up a NetOne advert along Samora Machel, in Harare a few days ago. Didn't realise NetOne has become the talk of the town.


  1. taribabe


  2. TownTalk

    Talk of the village sounds more appropriate. They shuldn’t give towns a bad name..

  3. Blessing Dube

    Lots of advertising will not cure a bad product.

  4. Itai

    i guess that’s why the advertiser “forgot” to put some lighting inside the banner..

  5. Wonder

    lol lol Nembudziya I think!

  6. Artful Dodger

    I didnt Know Net one was still around !! must be operating undercover

  7. Gilbert

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, are they serious. Havasi kunyara here

  8. itai

    net1 works wani..

  9. Major

    None of the mobile service providers in Zim is gud. Net1 is better 4 voice calls coz compared with Econet, atleast I don pay a simple ring @ the other end. Shame on Econet broadband thing.

    Net1 is dead, Telecel is sleeping and Eonet is just a giant, merciless bully. Why not allow MTN in2 Zim?

  10. Goma

    Talk of the growth point is more like it

  11. taribabe

    Eeeeish! yo Avatar freaked me out lol!!!!

  12. taribabe


  13. goma

    eish didnt mean to, sorry

  14. taribabe

    Apology accepted

  15. Dewitt Van Nostrand

    No wonder y the guy in the banner is laughing ,,,,,,, lol

  16. Martin

    Net*One really gives you extra and I am not surprised its now talk of EVERY town. For anyone who actually has and uses a Net*One line they will tell you of very favorable tariff and can’t stop talking of the 20 sms and a free text for every dollar. I use a Net*One line and never hd many frustrating moments no wonder the guy on the banner has a smile he can afford to talk more without struggling to get through. Go Net*one go…..

  17. Jet

    Iwe Martin haunyare manje. Indawa so uchnyepera povho, handiti tariff ramurikushandisa makapihwa nePOTRAZ and ndiro ririkushandiswa nemunhu wese. Wonder why the guy on your billboard is launghing, you make fools of yourself by unwise marketing .. Wani Zobha haasi kutaura nezvazvo pachiprogram chenyu

  18. Hokoyo Moyo

    bet u they didnt pay 4 tha ad

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