The Africom Mobile Broadband Coverage Map

Staff Writer Avatar Down For Everyone

There have been some questions from our readers here on the site about Africom’s network coverage of its mobile internet services. We initially didn’t think it was necessary to post the coverage map because it’s available on the Africom website, Down For Everyone

Unfortunately, the website is mostly unavailable but we’ve been able to access it a number of times. We’re only realising it now that the Africom website is available when you’re using the Africom service. If Africom knows this, then fixing it definitely hasn’t been a priority. It’s been like this for more than a month now!

Anyway, back to the coverage map. We’re using the Africom service right now so we just downloaded it and uploaded it to our web server. You can download it here.

And Africom, please, you really need your website to be accessible, especially now.

Update (27 Oct 2010): Fixed. The Africom site is now online.


  1. Mr Disgusted

    if they cannot maintain their own portal,what do u say about the service to their customers?

  2. pirato

    If you are a heavy user, buy 2GB and pay $30 simple, just don´t overuse your cap.

  3. noel

    Could u pliz show the coverage map for bulawayo

  4. noel

    I’m in Bulawayo and want to know if I will be covered at Nust and selborne park

  5. samuel

    please i stay in beitbridge and i rily nid this can i get and where do i pay the bills.does it cover beitbridge and can u send me the contacts details of the agents

  6. Tendai

    Does afri-com broadband cover zvishavane?

  7. Lee

    Does Africom cover Gweru?

  8. A SHAME

    Africom service is generally USELESS! Signal strength bad and download speeds terrible! It’s like having a dial up service. This is both in Newlands Harare and Bulwayo

  9. blessing jairos

    does africom cover chirundu
    please we need this service

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