Nhava To Launch Tablet Device In A Couple Of Days

Tinashe Shangwa
Tinashe Shangwa
Mr. Tinashe Shangwa, Nhava CEO

Back in May this year when we last visited the Nhava offices, the Nhava CEO Mr. Tinashe Shangwa told us the company was about to launch a new tablet device named the Maestro in a matter of weeks. Well, the Maestro didn’t exactly come in a matter of weeks. But a couple of days ago, we had an opportunity to chat with Mr. Shangwa at the Nhava Avenues offices and he had some news for us.


The Maestro is here. The CEO says the device will go on sale in a matter of days with a price tag of US $499.

On features, the Maestro spots the typical tablet look and netbook brains; some 1GB RAM, Intel Atom N270 processor running at 1.60 GHz, a 160GB hard drive, a 1.3 megapixel front facing webcam, 3G connectivity and multi-touch.  The device will ship with a any flavour of Microsoft Windows 7 depending on the buyer’s needs.


We played with a Maestro for about an hour and were left with somewhat mixed feelings. We loved the portability and the multi touch obviously. The experience leaves you wondering if we still need netbooks. We also loved the ultra-light weight, it’s easy on the hands.

What we found a bit on the negative is the heat that comes out from the left underside of the device. Holding the tablet with the left hand while operating it with the right in the most natural position to hold any tablet meant putting up with a lot of heat on the left hand. It was uncomfortable.

Other than that, we can’t say we used it long enough to give a fair opinion on the other things so we just won’t.

Here’ are some images of the Maestro tablet:

Nhava Maestro

Nhava Maestro

Nhava Maestro

Nhava Maestro

Will you consider getting yourself the Nhava tablet? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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62 thoughts on “Nhava To Launch Tablet Device In A Couple Of Days

  1. The fact that something is made in Zimbabwe does not make it great, in fact if anything it is makes it suspicious in the eyes of the consumer. It’s like buying a product from Malawai or worse still, China. So what nhava must be doing in my opinion is going one of two routes, the budget PC route or exclusive cutting edged i-phone route the more sensible one being the earlier of cause. If nhava thinks they are going to push units simply because Nhava “is responsible for both Processor Architect Design and PCB Design” they have another thing coming, little known Fujitsu Seamens for example spends more than nhava’s net worth on Research & Developmentper month and they are virtually unknown. When consumers part with dollars they are thinking of value not patriotism. Faith ware will confirm that even in the world 0f $5 T-shirts the same is true.Another thing nhava has hopefully realized by now is that, Zimbabwe is too small a market base for nhava to be content with. Even $5 million sales are not enough to sustain a computer company. Nhava shpuld go regional or continental if not global. Which brings me to the next issue, the name goodness what where they thinking?. Again because you call your product “mwana wevhu” I am not going to buy it for that reason, N-H-A-V-A is a name that a lot of none african/shona people cannot pronounce which means they won’t mention or remember it and you loose valuable word of mouth marketing. Call it Mate Pad even just not Nhava, the name is hideous and only 1 000 to the power of millionth of the people in the world understand what it means. China an afford to give their brands Chinese names coz when they do a billion people will get them.

  2. You are right man. But dont you see the finger in the pie. Why would you try and become a processor achitecture development when there are more than enough in Hong Kong that do that 🙂 at a way cheaper price.

    Well truth be told these devices are truely Zhing Zhong by defination. I wont try and have one in my hand simply coz there is Hong Kong mentioned.

  3. iiihh, apa tawanda wawanza (the whole banana thing). I dont know much about the silicone industry but I must say that the Nhava guys must be applauded for their initiative. a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (or in this case should it read- a gigabyte begins with a single byte??? hameno)In the same breath, they must also learn to take constructive criticism in their stride because that’s what propels improvement and how products and skills get honed. we are living in a knowledge economy where you have to be on the competitive edge always- good constructive criticism acts as a sharpener- it may grate your ears but does the job. Keep it up guys- as for the name Nhava- love it. if the so-called ‘literate people’ can say (and wear)Seiko(?) then surely Nhava is a piece of cake. Say no to conformism!

  4. did this news still available? i focused this news for long time, but till now i cant find any tablet for sale. how long is couple of days? and i cant find any useful informtion about nhava. pls anyone let me know how to contact nhava and buy this. thanks.

  5. The Ipad costs the same price and you expect people to seriously consider a hand burning device that has a mouse based (pointer) operating system that is not modified to accommodate touch?

    To all those pple saying lets support these guys, lets look at this objectively without misplacing patriotism. These guys are buying Chinese lookalikes and selling them as theirs. Whats there to support there?

  6. the problem with a look-a-like gadget is that it always lags behind in the other ‘not so obvious’ services. Does G-Mobile have an AppStore? Blackberry does.

    When the IPhone launched, I rushed ahead and bought an un-branded chinesse version. The browser could only open very small pages. I could not download a single app to improve my experience.

    When these devices launch, they are not 100% (ask any developer) and they are followed by a series of updates/patches/service packs/security fixes etc. If these devices are chinesse (like my fake iphone), there wont be any updates.

    Okay, we shouldnt judge a book by its cover but looking at the g-mobile site (couldnt find the nhava site by the way) I couldnt help but think to myself: “Can a phone manufacturer have such a crappy website?”

    >>On the other had, at least there is a laptop with a shona name 😉

  7. Hi Please test your tablet and let your Nhava product convince clients by giving them the top ten benefits of using it. if there are problems with it, find solutions to address the problem before you launch it or let customers deal with the downside of the attributes. otherwise I think ti is a good initiative and will take us to new heights.

  8. You see, zimboz are all the same. I have seen a hoolipah of negative comments here but question is why cant all you guys give credit where its due, I know this boy and his family personally tendaiwo vana vevamwe midzimu yavo ifare ZVAWONEKWA VA SHANGWA. Tinashe, Tawanda. Florence the mother and Fiona the sister keep up the good work guys. Zomboz should learn a thing or two. Bvunza kuti dhiri rinofamba sei pane kusvora regai munhu alume asingade kutenga pachake. Rova basa mupfanha wangu.

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