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Techzim Answers

Techzim AnswersSometimes people visit a site like Techzim because they’re looking for some specific information. Sometimes they find it, sometimes they don’t. We see it all the time from the Google search terms that land visitors on the site. Some visitors even email us their questions. “How can I get internet in Chipinge?” for example.

Needless to say, we don’t always have the answers.

This is why we’ve launched a new site called Techzim Answers. Techzim Answers seeks to provide a greater opportunity for possible responses. A question publicly presented stands a higher chance of being answered. The platform will also increase the probability of accurate answers as follow-ups can be made if an answer is not clear or does not solve the problem. Tech companies & service providers can also use this platform to get to know what the market is looking for and the problems their market needs resolved.

The concept of individuals getting help from a community is nothing new for us here. We’ve been part of email discussion forums for a while now. We ask, answer and hold general technology discussions with colleagues via email.

Techzim Answers is much in the format of Question and Answer sites like Yahoo Answers or Stackoverflow. It is open to everyone with a question or anybody wanting to help answer the questions. There’s a point system just to keep things interesting and also to award the top users of the platform for their efforts. We’re thinking of giving out something modest at the end of each quarter or so.

The site uses the Open Source Q&A engine Question2Answer.

Here are some of the questions already answered on Techzim Answers:

Which company provides the cheapest internet connection for home use?

Does a virus in recycle bin execute?

Where can I find an SPSS local dealer?

How can I increase the range of my wireless network signals?

Webistes in Zim’s venacular languages (e.g. Shona, ndebele)



  1. Joe Black

    Great stuff.

  2. Debonair

    This is what I have been looking for, great stuff man

  3. Simon

    Fantastic Idea!

  4. ★ Byers Design ★

    I Agree, great idea, finally somewhere for Zimbabweans to ask questions to those who know the answers!

  5. Anonymous

    Hey, thanks guys for this wonderful feedback! 🙂

  6. Tari

    Great idea indeed

  7. willlord

    Cool. Looks good. One bit of feedback – you should think about adding a ‘mark as spam’ button to flag content for moderation.

    1. Anonymous

      hey, thanks for the feedback. Currently, flagging something for moderation can be done by just voting it down. This is possible for both Questions and answers.

      But yes, a clear button that says “mark as spam” or “flag this” would make it all the more easier to clear the system of spam. We will consider this.

  8. ronrogers


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