Finally, the Telecel Zimbabwe website is back online

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Telecel New Website

Telecel New Website

The Telecel Zimbabwe website was taken down in early February last year, and yesterday, more than a year later, the website has been brought back online. This is good; it makes it so much easier to find information about the company; tariffs, services on offer, recent developments, contact information, coverage and other such important stuff.

We’re not happy the job took a whole year to complete but that’s all behind now, we applaud Telecel on this one.

The new website is a whole new design; it’s brighter and looks much nicer. Information also seems much easier to find. Speedwise, the website loads superfast once you’re past the initial flash lag. There are also some social media tools added to the new site; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.  The latter two are not enabled yet.

A small downside is that the new site is a little too active for us. There’s stuff moving around half time you move the mouse. There’s also the generous use of flash which we didn’t like much for obvious reasons.


  1. Joe Black

    First thing you get is an assault of boobs and smiley hotness. LOL

    1. Debonair

      Who is the hottie with the boobs? lol

  2. Debonair

    Lol @Joe, but on a serious note, the site looks nice but its not very interactive, for such a big mobile operator, their site should be more interactive and informative. The site looks like it was made by a graphics designer and not a web developer. Its slow because of too many images and flash thingys. I am sure its a pain to update stuff on the site!

    I see a lot of designers doing that, (making statics sites) to guarantee the revenue stream i guess. i.e each time telecel need something updated lol. Zim devs have a long way to go.
    I am yet to be impressed with a truelly innovative website.

    All we can be happy about is that the THEY FINALLY PUT SOMETHING UP!!!! lol.

  3. Munhu

    best thing is they are online, no use of criticizing works, designer or developer, important thing is information, and of course security.

  4. tinm@n

    would be nice to include the actual website address in the article as not all audience may know what it is. 🙂

    i think its designed well, though I generally frown upon flash. Its not accessible.Alternatively they couldve had a non-flash version or dumped it and used JQuery,Prototype or Mootools for subtle effects.

    still looks good

    1. Anonymous

      thanks hey. updated with link!

      1. tinm@n

        thank you for heeding. also didnt get to thank you for explaining the reason behind moving techzim

        Keep up the good work

        1. Anonymous


  5. Winston

    nice look, who doesn’t like being greeted by hot light chick when you open up a page ! Though i hate it when i accidentally hover my mouse and it opens something else.

  6. Brian Ellis

    It would be nice if they actually responded to customer emails sent to the address shown in the Contact Us section.

  7. ZiG

    NOvice mistake on the website, The main Navigation is in FLASH, I cant navigate this site on my iPad and unless they constantly update their seo sitemaps this site will get a bad SEO ranking for simple searches.

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