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Telecel introduces convenient way for subscribers to register disconnected lines

Telecel ZimbabweAs you may know, the POTRAZ deadline for mobile phone subscribers to register sim cards expired (for the third and final time) at the end of March. Some subscribers have already reported disconnections and some, despite being given a whole year to register, are not amused at all. Most are claiming they registered but still found themselves disconnected.

In answer to this, Telecel has come up with some convenient way to activate disconnected lines. In a press release we received from Telecel today titled “Telecel employs high tech solution to register disconnected line”, the mobile operator says if your line got deactivated, you can reactivate it from your phone without having to visit Telecel offices. It also explains that all new lines will be deactivated by default and subscribers can activate them using the same “high tech” solution.

We’re not sure why Telecel chose to label this solution a “high tech” one. Convenience yes, very actually. But, high tech? I don’t know.  Sounds a bit off. Anyway, who are we to define what’s high tech and what’s not. Here’s the full release from Telecel:

Telecel Zimbabwe has announced that Telecel subscribers who were cut off because they failed to register their lines can easily have their lines reactivated using their mobile phone.

All they have to do is insert their inactive SIM card in their mobile phone, dial *176# and follow the instructions that appear on the phone’s screen.

They will be asked to enter the information required for registration of their line, namely their name, national identification number or passport number and physical residential address.

Once this information has been processed and their line registered, the line will be re-activated.

Thousands of unregistered subscribers who were disconnected on March 31, in line with Posts and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) requirements, have been visiting Telecel offices every day to register and have their lines reactivated.

“Using the phone to register and have your line reactivated is a more convenient and quicker procedure,” commented a Telecel spokesperson.

“We realised that many of our subscribers who failed to register still wanted to use their line and perhaps did not believe they would actually be cut off.

“We have employed high tech solutions, therefore, to ensure that even when their line is inactive they can still use the phone to dial  *176# to register and have their line reactivated,” he said.

He said that all Telecel SIM cards are now being sold in an inactive state. The new subscriber can have the line activated by following the same procedure, namely dialling *176# and following the on-screen instructions for registration.

Activation using this method is normally within 24 hours, though the large numbers now seeking reactivation of their lines could slow the process down slightly, since reactivation is only possible when the processing of the registration is complete.

The registration details provided by subscribers is subject to verification. If details are found to be incorrect, the line may be deactivated again.

All mobile phone users were required by the Posts and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) to register their lines. Initially the deadline for registration was the end of August last year. However, the deadline was subsequently extended to the end of February this year.

Those who failed to register by the deadline were given a further month’s grace period, until March 31, before they were eventually cut off.

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