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The Old Mutual Entrepreneurs’ guide that you should check out

Old Mutual Entrepreneurs’ Guide

Old Mutual Entrepreneurs’ GuideA Twitter friend pointed us to the resource the other day. This site is called Old Mutual Entrepreneurs guide. It provides a free collection of lessons (you can call it wisdom) delivered by seasoned entrepreneurs. They basically share what they have learnt in their journey building successfully companies in Africa.

The information contained there is not the kind you bump into everywhere so do yourself a favour and visit the site. If you’ve read ‘Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup‘ by David Cohen & Brad Feld (try to find it if you’re a tech entrepreneur), you have an idea what kind of resource this site is; priceless knowledge delivered by individuals that have been there.

This Old Mutual project came out of one of South Africa’s top technology conferences called NetProphet.

Here’s a short promo video that more or less sums up the concept:


Thank you @gilbert_makore


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  1. That Do More Faster book sounds like a great book. Entrepreneurs that have been there obviously have more realistic advice than other sources that we tend to listen to. Sad though that most of us here in Zim don’t have credit cards/means to pay for it online and have therefore to resort to ‘other means’

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