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TrustCo suspends journalists over Econet stories

trustco logoA Namibian publication reported today that Trustco Holdings has suspended (without pay) two journalists working for a newspaper it owns called Informanté. The suspensions were handed out to the two following a story carried by the newspaper concerning the fallout between Trustco Mobile and Econet Wireless Zimbabwe.

Journalist Brigitte Weidlich, the first of the two to be suspended, penned the article in question which, TrustCo says amounted to “misconduct and failing to adhere to editorial and company policies”. Elizabeth Mule, sub-editor of the paper was also suspended on Thursday last week, apparently for allowing the article to be printed.

The move displays just how sensitive the issue is at TrustCo and betrays some “if you’re going to write about us, get clearance first” policy for Informanté journos.

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2 thoughts on “TrustCo suspends journalists over Econet stories

  1. Well this is a bit silly because if they had let the story slide then they would have some sort of credibility. Is the newspaper their mouth-piece then because if it had come from their marketing department that would make sense but this is a newspaper that is supposed to come across as independent.

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