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Zimbabwe’s current mobile user base (June 2011). Telecel now third

POTRAZWe’ve just received the updated POTRAZ statistics of Zimbabwe mobile subscribers. We are told the figures have just been updated this past week and represent the statistics for the second quarter of the year.

Econet has the largest number of subscribers at 4.2 million. It’s still far less than 5.5 million reported in first quarter. The numbers as you know have been reduced severely after the disconnections required as part of the SIM registration exercise.

NetOne, the state owned mobile operator, is the second largest with 1.3 million subscribers. Telecel Zimbabwe is now Zimbabwe’s smallest mobile operator (by number of subscribers) with 1.2 million total subscribers.

After Econet, Telecel has lost the second largest number of subscribers to mobile SIM registration, while NetOne has managed to gain more users in the past months. Back in February Telecel had 1.3 million subscribers while NetOne ha d 1.1 million subscribers.

Effectively, Econet now has 62.7% of the mobile market. With a total population of 12.52 million people, this means Zimbabwe’s mobile penetration now stands at about 53.5%. POTRAZ hasn’t started collecting mobile phone stats for new CDMA operator, Africom, but we expect them to start in the coming months.

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8 thoughts on “Zimbabwe’s current mobile user base (June 2011). Telecel now third

  1. We’ve just received the updated POTRAZ statics of Zimbabwe mobile . Typo….Statistics. 

  2. I am surprised that NetOne is ahead of Telecel! All along I thought, and there have been other sources confirming this, that Telecel was number 2.

    1. it was… and was is the key word there. they didn’t do enough to keep their spot. it’s a dog eat dog world out here. you snooze you loose. they committed a lot of resources to their 3g venture and one can only hope it pans out well for them

  3. Love how the POTRAZ website isn’t working so other news agencies are linking to this page rather than POTRAZ.

    Keep up the good work.

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