ZOL sets the bar higher, introduces $60 ‘unlimited’ broadband


These are exciting times for people looking for more affordable bandwidth. Zimbabwe Online (ZOL), one of Zimbabwe’s largest ISPs, has introduced a low priced broadband product called ZOLite.

ZOL is calling it unlimited broadband but that of course can mean a lot of things in this Internet business; and they do explain how they mean it:

ZOLite Details


In other words, it’s some kind of ‘Fair Access Policy’.

It’s comparatively the lowest price for multi-user broadband on the market currently. It’s the lowest in the sense that ZOL doesn’t cut you off after you exhaust your bundle (1GB in this case), they just don’t prioritize your traffic (however they do that!).  This will probably push the other players to match or peg their broadband offerings even lower. We hope.

One thing to note is that setting this up will cost you US $595, the once off price of the WiMax kit.

Update: We just got an email correction that TelOne actually has the lowest fixed broadband through its ADSL service. We’re not sure at the moment if this is available for new subscriptions and we will check. More when we hear back. Thanks David.

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