3 more finalists are selected for the Startup Challenge

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Escar Kusema, Funza
The Startup Challenge judges, L to R: David Behr, John Mberi, Geoff Goss, Bester Zambuko

Yesterday, 16 August was an intense day at the Startup Challenge. A total of 10 tech startups pitched to the panel of judges and 3 were selected to go through to the next round. The startups that made it to the next round are, in no particular order: Software House (an Internet based tech hardware inventory tool), Funza (a recruitment company, looking to use the internet to implement some unique recruitment methods) and Ribe Networks (developing a chat aggregation social and social network & communication platform, Ribe Chat.)

The 3 startups join, Mukela Travel and Sadomba Mahari who qualified some 2 weeks ago at Zimbabwe’s first BarCamp event. The date of the finals is yet to be finalised but will likely be Saturday, 10 September 2011. More information will be posted here once we have a firm date and venue.

For now, it’s congratulations to the 5 teams, and a big thank you to all the startups that entered the challenged.

Below are the photos of the 3 teams that made it yesterday!

Escar Kusema, Funza
Escar Kusema of Funza
Mathew Hood, Hardware Inventory
Mathew Hood of Hardware Inventory
Hannibal Ndlovu, Ribe Networks
Hannibal Ndlovu of Ribe Networks

Update:  We uploaded some photos from the Startup Challenge yesterday to our Flickr photostream.


  1. Shokowillard

    go ribe networks

  2. ★ Byers Design ★

    Go Hannibal!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    🙂 Ill be facing Hannibal on the market I have a similar solution wont say much. Also wanted to be there failed at the last minute.

  4. Anonymous

    Mr Editor, can we have a podcast of the event if any is available. Thank you.

  5. Busi Hove

    Way to go Han. Ribe can do it!!

  6. Big Fish

    Have seen Hannibal work his Tech magic…..now it’s time to show the world…Go Han. Go!

  7. Mailmemailbox


  8. Dorcashove

    I knew it was only a matter of time. It’s within reach. Make us all proud!

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