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Econet Wireless trampling on the same rights it used to fight for

Econet Wireless ZimbabweSo, we’re also shocked by Econet’s move to gag Alpha Media and its partners over stories Econet deems defamatory. We’re shocked because we didn’t expect this from Econet of all companies. And we’re also shocked because, whatever Econet articles were written by Alpha Media, we somehow didn’t see the defamatory side of the story. We don’t even remember which articles these were, save for one by the Zimbabwe Independent about shareholder activism. We didn’t find it particularly defamatory, but we’re not Econet so…

A statement we encountered today which is attributed to the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe, describes this unfortunate development accurately:

…the High Court application looks like an attempt to block the publication of information of public interest. The media watchdog said Econet itself lobbied under Section 20 of Zimbabwe’s Constitution, which guarantees freedom of expression and access to information, to establish itself, but seems now to be trampling on that right.

And as for the collective gagging that is targeting Alpha Media’s web hosting supplier, Webdev, where does a hosting company come into all this?

Strangely, Econet seems to have no problems when newspapers its founder used to fund lie flagrantly with clear bias in favour of Econet.

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14 thoughts on “Econet Wireless trampling on the same rights it used to fight for

  1. this is slowly becoming a media watchdog instead of a tech playground. dont know how others feel about this…

    1. I like diversification…why not make Techzim a onestop shop for technological matters or issues concerning zimbabwe’s technology giants?

    2. …or maybe TechZim should limit themselves to binary, bytes and bits.

      I think it’s difficult to separate implementation from management of technology. Microsoft was in the news for monopoly and other issues. I don’t think it would have been fare on us, news consumers, to be supplied with news on the latest OS from MS and not their monopoly issues. That kills competition and creativity.

      1. I couldn’t agree with you more BaDali. In developing markets like Zimbabwe and the continent, connectivity is the biggest focus point for ICT to make a meaningful impact. As a result consumers and influencers should be able to gain access to FACTUAL and NON BIASED information so as to be able to make informed decisions.

        The Techzim About Us page lays out our operating guidelines and principles, we are not out to damage or attack anyone and neither are we biased towards any particular operator. Those who feel that any particular post we publish is not balanced are more than welcome to submit a guest post laying out their sentiments…

    3. This story is centered more on Econet, Alpha and Webdev and more importanly on its online publications, so if its not ICT, I dont know what else to call this

  2. This have nothing to do with Alpha Media or Zimpapers. The target is future against any tech publications and websites like this one Techzim. Econet is trying to be clever, they know well that once they are granted what they are seeking, they use this as a stepping stone to gag any publications they detest.

    Econet is quiet  aware that internet is developing at a faster speed and soon they will start getting exposed. People will start to compare services then talk and write about it, this is what Econet is scared of.

    They know they are not providing value for money compared to lets say Telecel.

    So Kabweza and Co. should not sit on your laurels thinking this is only targeted at Alpha, you are also within their targets and shopping list.   

    1. lol, dude, the interdicts are clearly aimed at AMH and their partners at this point in time…econet have done this because they feel the articles published defamed them, and will impact the level of confidence that the public has on their board members. 

      i really and truly dont think a small techzim article (which is neither defamatory against econet board members, or even a very widespread form of media) will grab the interest of econet.

      alot of people have had alot to say about econet and its services on previous techzim articles… but are those articles really going to affect the opinion of hardcore investors who have or would be investing in econet? hmmmm no..dont think so.

  3. Too much power corrupts no matter how innocent something started, consider also Rupert Murdochs News Corp even stooping so low to hack 9/11 victims phones… Checks and balances such as the article above are needed

  4. But who doesn’t know econet lies to get their way? Always playing victim to gain symapathy. No morality either. Handivo vanga vari pamberi nekuburner nguva dzemazim dollar? Ngavasungwe!

  5. Okey, let it play in the court, I will comment when information is bared in the courts. But anyway, gagging is bad practice, if they were defamed, they should sue for that, not try to gag.

  6. Econet’s power in the market is driving them a bit over the edge and are trying to exploit people’s minds. 

  7. In every democratic society the freedom of the press is tempered by a limitation of not publishing defamatory and false information which is not in the public interest.  If Econet feels that it has been repeatedly defamed by false information which has been repeatedly printed by the same publication then surely it is entitled to take legal proceedings to protect its good name and reputation.  The courts will decide.  The writer says “We don’t even remember which articles these were,” we if you don’t know what Econet is complaining of how can you reach the kind of conclusions you have.

  8. Chill dude, if the Econet has no case, the courts should pronounce that and then we can all safely assume that they were acting in bad faith.  For now rather let them have their day in court. 

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