NewsDay back online. Comment system replaced with Disqus


The NewsDay website, which was hacked and infected with Malware last week, is back online. The website was attacked on Sunday, 2 October and taken offline the next day. It was down the whole week and was restored on Saturday, 8 October.

There’s still no information on how exactly the website was compromised. Trevor Ncube, the chairman of the company that owns the paper tweeted that they have no idea who attacked NewsDay and that they focused on avoiding future compromise.

The noticeable change on the NewsDay website is the new Disqus commenting system. Disqus is one of the most popular comment systems globally.


Replacement of the comment system suggests security issues with the old system. Ncube himself responded that the “Disqus comment facility is part of enhancing [the] security structure” for the Newsday website, when we asked him..

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