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Zim ICT Ministry calls for ICT Achievers Award nominations

The Zim ICT Ministry will this year host the second annual ICT Achievers awards. The awards reward Zimbabweans and Zimbabwean businesses whose involvement in Zimbabwe’s ICT industry has been outstanding. The date of the event is 3 December 2011.

Over the past week, the ICT Ministry has been calling for nominations of the ICT Achievers of the year through the local print press. While last year’s awards only had 7 categories, the categories have been increased to 15 this year.

Here are the categories:

  1. Top ICT project of the year (private sector)
  2. Top ICT project of the year (public sector)
  3. Top NGO promoter of ICT
  4. ICT businessman of the year
  5. ICT businesswoman of the year
  6. ICT company of the year
  7. Web developer of the year (individual or company)
  8. Public sector website of the year
  9. ICT journalist of the year
  10. Young ICT innovator of the year
  11. ICT educator of the year (individual or company)
  12. Top ICT company on corporate and social responsibility
  13. ICT rural school of the year
  14. ICT personality of the year
  15. Top ICT user minister

To nominate, one needs to download forms from two websites noted in the adverts; and One can also visit the ICT Ministry offices in Harare (Bank Chambers building on the 7th floor, along Samora Machel) to get the forms, fill them and submit physically. Nominations close on 15 November.

The sad part of all this

Even though the adverts have been running for a while in the press, the address is currently not available on the internet. In fact, that domain is not even registered. And as for, the links to the nomination forms just don’t work. So, the only way to nominate a business or an individual for the awards is to visit the ministry’s offices. Quite ironic for an ICT ministry. We notified the ministry about this and they promised to attend to it

But that’s not all, the ICT ministry is using last year’s logo for the nomination adverts. They couldn’t get someone to do a current one? There are thousands of graphics designers that can quickly update a logo with the correct year. It’s not just sad, its extremely annoying.


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7 thoughts on “Zim ICT Ministry calls for ICT Achievers Award nominations

  1. I am annoyed by people sleeping on the job, using a 2010 logo for a government ministry is annoying. No working websites and links………..Nxa

  2. Our ICT ministry was to promote the future whilst they are sleeping in yester-year!

    We have a very overexcited ICT ministry which is good at pumping out a lot of hot air out and does nothing practical. l have yet to see one successful project our ICT ministry managed to plan, implement and operate besides the one they dished out those free laptops to gvt officials. Unless proven wrong, l bet those laptops were full of spying software to further one’s political ambition than to promote ICT in government! 

  3. As a graphic designer I am not amused with the logo and the sponsor’s logos. They are pixelated and fuzzy. I am sure ZarNet can do a better job. Otherwise, this is a good initative from the motherland

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