Malema, Dynamos & Tsvangirai top Zim’s rising Google searches for November

Google Insights for search, November 2011

Google Insights for search, November 2011So what have Zimbabweans been asking Google this past month?  Google has a tool called Google Insights for Search that can give us that answer. Top on the list of the things that interested Zimbabweans the most is Malema. Malema of course is Julius Malema, the South Africa politician who’s been in the news lately for a lot of reasons.

Why that attracted so much attention from us Zimbabweans we don’t know. His stance on the SA land issue maybe in relation to our own land redistribution and indigenisation here. Who knows.

Second and third on the list are “dynamos fc” and “tsvangirai” (Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister ) respectively. Dynamos is actually listed twice, with the second entry just as “Dynamos” at number 5. The president of the country, Robert Mugabe was the 4th most popular rising search term.


The Google Insights trends show the percentages by which a search term’s popularity has increased on Google Search over a given period.

Wonder what searches will be popular in December. Nando’s maybe?

Update (29 Nov): title updated for clarity


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11 thoughts on “Malema, Dynamos & Tsvangirai top Zim’s rising Google searches for November

  1. Check on your links well, they are not all pointing correctly. Checked out the insights for the past month and some of your shown results are not on the insights

  2. This article is misleading Mr Editor, i dunno who you trying to piss off but this is just not right.  Rather the results you are parading here came are under Rising Searches, doing a similar search, i didnt come up R.G at all.
    Then the one i think you want bring to our attention is top searches which has FB on top. Pls do not mislead the masses Comrades.

    1. Understand your point. apologies for that.

      The intention was to show the rising searchs and not just the top ones. The image in the article does show ‘rising’. The top ones don’t change much from month to month. this is the link used:

      1. Baba Kabweza, i have followed the link you have given me, i have not seen the name of our esteemed President, are you trying to drag his reputation into some comparison of some sort. please follow the link you just posted and let me know if you see Robert Mugabe there, unless we are using internet from different planets. Whilst u are at it, can put up the correct screenshot. This is unpalatable and unwarranted.

        1. please send through the screenshot you’re getting. The full screenshot. kabweza at

          And no, not everything under the sun has to have some political agenda or meaning.

  3. The hyperlink for our Head of State and Government and Commander-in-chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe points to the PM’s wikipedia page! fix quickly!

    1. Wat an inspiration, i am thinking my title should change to CEO of Matamba Holdings and Head of Matamba family and Father to Nyikandeyedu Senior Home Defender of the Mufakose Area.

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