iZimbabwe announces business directory

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Yesterday, iZimbabwe, the new portal by Umuntu media announced the availability of a business directory platform on their website. Business directory means online classifieds in the mould of the Zimbabwe’s leader of online classifieds classifieds.co.zw.

iZimbabwe launched on 16 November and has so far been rapidly garnering quite a following, especially on its Facebook page.

In an announcement of the launch of the iZimbabwe portal to the media yesterday, Umuntu invited businesses to list in the company’s online business directory:

We are bringing Zimbabwe online. We are focused on a big drive to list every single business in Zimbabwe on Zimbabwe’s newest portal. This will enable our audience to find your establishment, connect with you and bring you more revenue. 


We will be loading your establishment as a free listing, with one image and your logo included in this package. No commission fees and no listing fees!

Umuntu also offers premium listing where businesses pay an annual fee for more prominence of their brand on the platform.

Many companies locally have tried their hand at online classifieds (business directories). Webdev’s Classifieds however remains the undisputed leader in the business. Webdev has been in the internet classifieds business since the early days of the introduction of the internet in Zimbabwe (more than a decade ago) when it had platforms such as cars.co.zw, properties.co.zw and others. The separate platforms were discontinued and the services combined to form the current www.classifieds.co.zw.

Recently and new startup launched a classifieds site for mobile devices called Tengesa.com. Tengesa’s visibility on the market has increased significantly as the company used online and offline tools to aggressively market the platform. Tengesa is so far the only company offering a classifieds platform designed primarily for mobile devices.

The classifieds platforms by both iZimbabwe and Webdev do not have a mobile friendly version yet.

Disclosure: Techzim and iZimbabwe have a content sharing and advertising arrangement.


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  1. Tereraimaposa says:

    There is a directory called http://www.findzim.com with both mobile and pc browsing options in one website. I saw their ad in the herald today, pretty nice and listing is free too!

    1. Anonymous says:

      The PC site looks like it just emerged from the 2002 era. Take a look in
      Firefox and see what i mean, even the css is off. Dude, please dont
      market your site indirectly cz its a sh*tty site.
      Ouch.. truth hurts 

    2. Anonymous says:

      findzim.com is a disgrace to the dev community. needs to be taken down immediately. Go live with it only after a MAJOR overhaul!!!

    3. Tafmak3000 says:

      at best findzim.com is ugly and impossible to use and at worst… well you don’t want to know!

  2. Anonymous says:

    iZimbabwe concept is great idea but the portal thing is fast losin appeal

    1. Anonymous says:

      and their logo is the Mali flag! How disrespectful of them? nxa! 

      1. Dachshund says:

        oh get over it!

  3. blog dog says:

    Hi Techzim out of all these “classifieds” site which would you say is the easiest to use ie: posting an ad? getting the best coverage? and fastest to load? and the place where i am going to get my goods sold?

    I checked out the findzim.com site on my mobile phone and it didn’t look as good as the tengesa.com site, all the words were really small, to small to read until i zoomed in is this the same when viewed on other phones?

    Seems like everyone is scrambling to get a piece of this classifieds pie 

    1. We found adding our info to the iZimbabwe site very easy, we found their staff to be EXTREMELY helpful and happy to help with any issue. In terms of coverage, we predict this shall grow extremely quickly as they are keen to engage in their customers/readers.

      In their email newletter, they state they are currently working on a mobile version, this should secure them as Zimbabwe’s Finest online classifieds.

      Its only a matter of time. Keep up the BRILLIANT work Umuntu Media! Makorokoto

  4. Madziva says:

    try Facebook comments pple. this disqus aahh!

    1. thanks for the suggestion hey.

      1. Sirius the Dogstar says:

        works for me

    2. Developer says:

      Not everyone has Facebook access, especially during working hours….

  5. Tafmak3000 says:

    The advert to the right of this article makes me uneasy about the objectivity of this blog in relation to umuntu. Conflict of intrest maybe?

    1. did you read to the end of the article?

      1. Tafmak3000 says:

        I was too biased to finish.

      2. Tafmak3000 says:

        Admitting murder doesn’t make you any less guilty. Your “disclosure” does not make the question of a conflict of interest any less relevant.  The fact of the matter Mr Kabwazi is your article is hardly critical. It finds comfort in neutrality that is almost patronizing and mis-informing.

        I visit your blog to get hard hitting opinions and criticism, and praise where necessary albeit in limited dosages!

        There I said it! 

  6. Johan Nel says:

    Since going live on 16 November, there has been much debate over the logo on the iZimbabwe portal with some community members feeling that it was not representative enough. We would like to engage with our readers and supporters and get something uniquely Zimbabwean. We want to allow the community of iZimbabwe to design a brand new logo for our portal. The competition will run from effect of 5 December 2011 to 31 January 2012. The prize money for the winning entry will be a US$1,000.More details here: http://www.izimbabwe.co.zw/lifestyle/competitions.html

  7. Anonymous says:

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  8. Yeukai says:

    There is a directory called http://www.clickfind.co.zw with both mobile and desktop browsing options in one website. I saw their ad in the herald today, pretty nice and listing is free too!

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