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iZimbabwe logo design challenge: Graphic designers, here’s an opportunity to win $1,000


Here’s a challenge for Zim graphic designers: Between 5 December 2011 and 31 January 2012, you have the opportunity design a new logo for the iZimbabwe online portal and stand a chance to win US$1,000.

Umuntu Media, the company that launched iZimbabwe last month, announced the competition yesterday. According to the announcement, Umuntu Media is running the competition in response to debate over the current iZimbabwe logo, which some community members felt wasn’t representative enough. Here’s some of that debate in the comments to articles we posted here.

In the announcement, Johan Rupert the Umuntu Media CEO, said about the competition:


We would like to engage with our readers and supporters and get something uniquely Zimbabwean. We want to allow the community of iZimbabwe to design a brand new logo for our portal. We want a logo designed by the iZimbabwe community for the iZimbabwe community

The competition shows our love and dedication to the iZimbabwe community that is one of the fast growing Zimbabwean communities online. Many Zimbabweans continue to express confidence in our brand, and this competition is definitely part of giving back to that community.

Details of the competition (how to enter, terms and conditions etc…) can be found on this iZimbabwe page:

Disclosure: Techzim and iZimbabwe have a business relationship.

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