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Zimbabwe boy to be caned for Facebook mischief

We’re reading the Herald this morning that a 17-year old boy in Chiredzi (a town in south-east Zimbabwe) has been sentenced to two strokes of a cane by a local magistrate after being convicted of posting pictures of a local woman and describing her as a prostitute on Facebook.

According to the story, the boy took a picture of the woman with his mobile phone and, determined to fix her, posted the picture to Facebook along with a description in the Shona vernacular that said “Mahure emuChiredzi ndiwaya”. Translated to English that says “These are the Chiredzi Prostitutes”. The woman apparently discovered the picture the same day and reported the matter to the local police and the boy was arrested.

His crime according to the report is ‘criminal insult’.

We don’t often read about arrests made and sentences passed locally over social media crimes except in a few cases where people have made political comments deemed inappropriate on Facebook. We imagine though there are numerous similar cases of defamation on social networks that go unreported. Interesting to see if more will follow.

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14 thoughts on “Zimbabwe boy to be caned for Facebook mischief

  1. Funny story, especially on a Monday
    *by the way, it is ‘caned’, not ‘canned’. Either way, the boy is gonna get it!

  2. words and actions have consequences .. .as well they should … we could use that here in the US …

  3. You are right Scand8l .. .ut us not funny .. .but I have no problem at all with appropriateness …  Reminds me of the 16 year old American boy in Singapore who was caned for spraying grafitti .. some here thought it barbaric … others, me included, realized how safe and clean is Singapore and how well behaved their teenagers are …

  4. We need to do that here in the USA, start while they are little,,soo,,they won’t grow up and be punks! Hard to do much when they get older in the USA,soo,,start them when young,,with a spanking, or smack that hand, older,,a good caning may make them do right!
    I know,,lol,,how dare you pop that poor child !!! future thug,maybe ,look at the USA

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