Tech in Zimbabwe and the International Trade Fair (Pictures)

The country’s premier business exhibition, the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair ran last week Tuesday to Saturday, and like most events of its kind lately, ICT companies and their products continue to be more prominent. It’s clear now more than ever before how much of a central driver to development information communications technologies are for individuals, businesses and indeed the wider economy.

Speaking at the event, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister, Arthur Mutambara pointed out how a mobile operator, Econet Wireless, is set to become the biggest bank in the country with its EcoCash product leaving the traditional banks, which he described as outright “deaf, dumb and dull”, in the dust.

Internet providers too are serving consumers more now than yesteryear when the Internet was a privilege the employed would enjoy at their workplaces. All licensed providers had a generous showing at the event. Companies developing applications were also represented; companies like Afrosoft and Twenty Third Century Systems which have been working on large government software projects.


Here are pictures we took of some of the exhibitions over the week. More photos on our Facebook page here and here.

Some PowerTel staff at their stand

The NetOne stand at ZITF, teaming with activity
Brodacom (Spiritage) staff pose for a photo at the company's stand at the ZITF

Some POTRAZ (Zim telecoms regulatory authority) staff at their stand
Some Telecel staff pose for a picture at their stand

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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  1. It’s interesting to see all those tech players broadcast themselves at the trade fair with all their new branding colors. Telecel being a case in point. I made the mistake of buying their internet data modem which is abysmally slow you wonder what all the re-branding and noise is for. Their ads definitely make techzim’s site look really spiffy but that just about it.

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