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Developers, The eTXT Apps Challenge initial ideas deadline is nigh

As you probably already know, the initial ideas deadline for the ForgetMeNot Africa ZeTXT Apps Challenge is near. By the end of this coming Friday, 4 May, all ideas must have been submitted via the eTXT Developer platform to be considered for the challenge.

Here’s the full reminder from ForgetMeNot Africa:

The initial ideas deadline for the Zimbabwe ZeTXT Apps Challenge is Friday 4th May. Apps that are submitted before this date will all be individually reviewed using the following criteria:

  1. Innovation
  2. Commercial aspect
  3. Viral potential
  4. Benefit to community

Your app needs to be submitted on the eTXT platform, but the working nature of the app will not be assessed for this feedback.

After this initial ideas cut-off date, developers can still submit your apps right up until the shortlist deadline (25th May), however feedback on your ideas will not be given.

Here are some tips for creating a winning app:
1.             Define what problem the app is solving.
2.             How will revenue be generated?
3.             Must be developed using the FMN API
4.             Must utilise eTXT (email, chat or Facebook to SMS)
5.             Must utilise the SMS channel (although a data version is acceptable in addition)
6.             Must be two-way (send and receive)
7.             You can incorporate SMS to Facebook to add a social dimension!
8.             Should be user friendly, easy to learn, use and attractive to the user
9.             Should conform to all the social ethics of the target market

Key dates:

4th May – 11th May 2012– Ideas Feedback

25th May 2012 – Shortlist Announced

16th June 2012 – TestDrive final (at the Harare Club)

To enter:
1.             Become a member of the Jumpstart Community
2.             Register as a developer on the FMNA platform
3.             Submit your app onto the Econet eTXT platform

For more information on the Zimbabwe ZeTXT Apps Challenge:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Join the official ForgetMeNot Developers Facebook page.
  3. Email

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