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The Samsung Galaxy S 3 officially launched in Zimbabwe

Some several hours ago, Samsung Zimbabwe officially launched the Galaxy S III at a colourful function in Harare attended by the some notable names in the Zimbabwe tech industry. The Galaxy S III has been a big deal globally, for many good reasons such as being the fastest selling gadget in history, so it’s no surprise Samsung Zimbabwe decided to stage such a big ceremony for this great piece of technology. How big of a ceremony you ask? Well, in case you don’t recognize him already, that’s the Zimbabwe ICT Minister, Nelson Chamisa holding the Galaxy S III in the picture above.

We did quite some bit of live tweeting for the event last night, so those that follow us on Twitter (please click through and follow) got to experience the launch with us. There’s also been so much review and coverage of the phone, before and after its official unveiling less than 2 months ago, that there’s no point going into that detail ourselves. The Verge, one of most respected gadget technology news websites, summarized the phone’s review with the statement “a lot of good, mixed in with a little bit of bad”.

The phone is retailing at the Samsung shop in Harare for US $1,200. You can of course get it into the country a bit cheaper the grey market route, but you’ll have to deal with no official support and no warranty from the local Samsung guys.

The keynote presentation at the launch was by Samsung Head of Marketing (Mobile), Justin Hume. In South Africa the Galaxy S III was officially launched last month.

Here are a few more photos from the event:

We posted more photos from the event on our Facebook Page last night.

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16 thoughts on “The Samsung Galaxy S 3 officially launched in Zimbabwe

      1. Dont worry. Next Google IO, you’ll get the next Nexus Tablet… at this rate, matter of time

  1. Impressed with the way Zim is handling such nice events. Though there should be some price control on new technology in order to technologize our country more. I bought mine for only $649 eleven days after it was globally launched.

  2. The phone is retailing at the Samsung shop in Harare for US $1,200.

    On you can get the same phone for US$649,99. Add 15% VAT and $80 clearance and it still lands cheaper than buying it from Harare.

    Anyway, I give them an “A” for the girls. A few more launches like that and very soon their launches will be the the hottest in Zim, and not for the curves of their phones, but their models’. ha ha.

  3. i give them an A for effort it has to be one of the better launches i have been to in this place. Sad though the models going around with the phones hadn’t been taught properly about the functions let alone how to access them and had to end up showing them how to use it.
    The phone is ok big points for screen resolution, processing capacity and weight. i can’t give point on the size because Sony Ericsson had already made the thinnest phone and the S3 in about the same thickness. The functions will only excite those that easy to please. The S-beam however nice it doesn’t actually make sense because you have to have both phone touching to send info. The voice command did not fair well in the noisy room, infact my sony Ericsson voice command did better.
    At the end off it all it like laptops we all want Dell, Toshiba, Asus but the bottom line we are all running Windows 7 and we are doing the same.
    Would i buy 1 yes infact i have bought one but my excitement for it was over in a few hours now its just another gadget i have wasted money on.

    1. i can definitely tell you that “just another gadget i have wasted money on” points to you not taking full advantage of the device. It might not scrub your back in the shower, but it does pretty much everything you can expect from a device today.

      1. Ok tell me what besides that cool function that keeps the phone display on as long as you are looking at the screen( even this you can download an app that uses your front facing camera) is unique to the S3 that every other Android phone running 4.0 doesn’t have? the point i was making is if you have an S2 it pretty pointless spending more money getting the S3 because once the excitement of having the latest gadget you are now using the phone like any other android phone out there and as you said “does pretty much everything you can expect from a device today”.

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