Two Zimbabwean Apple super fans unboxing a new Mac (Hilarious!)

If you have never danced in celebration as you unboxed a new Apple device, then please do us all a favour and admit you don’t love Apple as much as you claim to. In fact, compared to these guys here, you hate Apple!

The two Zimbabwean friends recorded themselves as they unboxed a new MacBook Pro in Chinhoyi. The guy in the background cheers on and claps as his friend, Shingi (referred to in the video as “the best guy in Zimbabwe!”) conducts the ritual!


We needed a laugh and these guys provided it.

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26 thoughts on “Two Zimbabwean Apple super fans unboxing a new Mac (Hilarious!)

      1. Guys, haters and all, let us help to make this video go viral. It is unique in its lack of sophistication but it differentiates us. If the guys had parroted what professional unboxers do then it would not have been as interesting. Please spread the link and put Zim unboxing style on the map.

  1. define lame, i hate that word, this is cool, everybody like opening new stuff up , i like the smell of new stuff esp devices, wish i was the one in the vid

  2. Yeah used to be a chinhoyi university of technology student. The Apple devices are courtesy of a locally owned apple authorised retailer called TechTools in avondale,Harare. Such entreneurship is wat zim needs not jus critisizing.

  3. Sigh… To the ‘lame-sayers’, have you ever had a dream? A dream you work so hard to achieve it sometimes feels too far to reach? And then you see it, a glimmer in the dark. You’re not yet there but you’ve reached a milestone, and suddenly that dream doesn’t seem so impossible. Years ago, one of my milestones was when my pc upgrade kit finally arrived at my door. After all the slaving, borrowing, starving and bleeding I’m not ashamed to say i did a little happy dance right there! Of course the next gen processors came out like the next day but still…
    Anyway, lets not knock the achievements of others, consider what it took to get there and let them have their triumphs, sealed from the factory settings and all.

    1. I think it points to a very broken world when a product carries the importance you described! Dreams I think should be made of more significant and benefiting things! Besides I think the guys work in shop where they probably do this everyday!

      1. I guess some context is in order. I’m a graphic designer and very amateur animator. When I could finally afford to own my own tools of the trade, I was that much closer to my dream of building my own creative firm. So when I did my little jig it wasn’t really for the new PC but for the progress it represented, hence my comment. The machine is a means to an end.
        Checked out Best Guy in Zim’s YouTube channel and you may be right. Seems they have an orchard of shiny aluminum apples!

  4. i think its cute and kinda funny, i’ll probably do a jig myself when i buy my first property in harare, prime area. practising already, hehe

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