WIOCC completes submarine cables repairs

EASSy globeWIOCC, an undersea fibre cable carrier providing connecting via 3 submarine cables in Africa, announced today that  repairs on fibre cables between Egypt and France (which broke several weeks ago) have been completed. Traffic from WIOCC’s customers on the continent is being routed back to the cables said the announcement.

Almost a month ago, a submarine cable break between Egypt and Marseilles leading a general slowdown of internet traffic in Africa, especially countries and networks depending on the EASSy and SEACOM undersea cable systems for international traffic. As repairs on the cables started the internet slowdown was averted by rerouting traffic to alternative routes.

“I am delighted that our cable has been repaired on schedule, enabling us to get customers’ services back to normal as early as possible”  the WIOCC CEO, Chris Wood commented on the development.


“I apologise to customers for the impact of these multiple cable cuts in the Mediterranean Sea, which have affected telcos and ISPs worldwide over the last month. WIOCC’s team has made a monumental effort over a sustained period of time, with our Service Delivery and Technical Support teams working 24×7 for almost two weeks to ensure that WIOCC’s customers were restored in the fastest possible time.” said Wood.

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2 thoughts on “WIOCC completes submarine cables repairs

  1. Sad thing is my internet actually got faster during the first couple of days the cable was broken and traffic was being its slow again 🙁 #Powertel

  2. Didn’t have any slowdowns throughout the whole ‘down period’ using Liquid Fibre but glad to hear it’s back up

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