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263Chat live Twitter event: How Zimbawean politicians use social media

236chat-logoEver wondered how many Zimbabwean politicians use social media to connect to the people they are supposed to represent. Ever wondered which ones and how they use social media? How many blog, are on Twitter, Facebook, post YouTube videos etc… This week’s 263Chat discussion is going to be on just that. And it’s not the regular virtual discussion; it’s going to be an actual event to be held at the Netherlands embassy in Harare.

The physical event is invite only so we hope you have your invite already, otherwise you can follow the #263chat hashtag and still be part of the discussion via Twitter. The event announcement was made by 263chat founder and discussion moderator Nigel Mugamu today.

The speakers at the event are: Saviour Kasukuwere Zimbabwe’s Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Empowerment; Jessie Majome, Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development; and Barbara Joziasse, the Netherlands Ambassador. Both Kasukuwere & Majome are active users of Twitter.

This is the second live discussion that 263chat has held since the initiative started last year in September. 263chat has become central to the discussion on Twitter of topical issues in Zimbabwe, and discussion has ranged from media freedom to Diaspora investment, Zimbabwe’s constitution referendum, Tribalism and other issues.

The outcome of this week’s discussion is bound to be interesting so please do attend and contibute your thoughts especially as this is an election year. In the meanwhile, we’d love to know in the comments below which Zim politicians you know that use social media? Please post their Facebook profile, Twitter profile, YouTube, blog, WhatsApp number or whatever tool they us so we can follow them!

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6 thoughts on “263Chat live Twitter event: How Zimbawean politicians use social media

  1. Professor Welshman Ncube is on Twitter, and was very active during the Constitution making process. @Welshman_Ncube. The PM is also supposedly on Twitter, @MRTsvangirai. Not knowing if he does the actual tweeting himself,

  2. Am sure we all know of current events and the Jukwa Family. With Baba Jukwa becoming a fast growing social media persona. The following will easily overtake Mu Grade 7 which has been one of the most popular recent pages.

    His “wife” Mai Jukwa had three times less followers end of last week, now she’s lower at 4 times less.

    A simple check, view the page beginning of any day. Go there end of day. You’ll see that the likes are growing quite fast

    But be careful what you comment on. Social networking can also give you a false sense of freedom and safety AS A ZIMBABWEAN. We are not there yet in free speech. Its not news that people have been arrested on varying charges. Whats particularly irking for those being attacked is that they cannot control Facebook. It is out of reach. Now Baba Jukwa has alleged that people in some areas are being targetted for posting positive comments on his/their page

    At the end of the day, its a welcome change. Though one wonders who these people are and why they are doing it. There is alot of corruption even in the opposition so it would be nice for us to hear about it too, so politicians are on their toes and do not take people for granted


    1. Corrections

      *Whats particularly irking for those being exposed is that they cannot control Facebook.

      *Though one wonders who these people behind Baba Jukwa are and why they are doing it.

  3. Remember Associated Press Twitter account (@AP) was hacked in April, sending out a tweet claiming that President Barack Obama had been injured in White House. Some advice for Politicians: stay away from twitter before your Twitter account is hacked and an offensive tweet is posted on your feed.

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