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5 apps that’ll make your internet bundles last longer


smartphoneSo you have bought your first smartphone finally. The change in convenience is amazing and you’re wondering how the hell it took so long to upgrade from your former simple phone to this new world of information literally at your fingertips. You can’t put in words how significant an impact this has had on your life. But there’s something else you can’t explain; the smartphone feeds on your expensive internet bundles so much you’re almost certain that the mobile network is stealing from you!

The truth is they are not, and that you have more control over how much data you consume than you actually think. We have already shared things you can do on your phone to make it data lean. There are also apps out there, designed specifically to help you save data and we thought we’d share some of them here. Since Android and iPhones are by far the most used, we focused on apps that run on these platforms and those apps that are free.

  1. operaOpera Mini: Not all Opera browsers are made equal. There’s Opera Mobile and then there’s Opera Mini. That Mini there means savings and that’s what you want. How does it save your bundles? With Opera Mini your phone doesn’t download any internet pages directly; they are fetched and compressed in the cloud into the smallest possible sizes before they are delivered to your phone.
    Available for both Android and IOS.
  2. onavo countOnavo Count – This app monitors your phone’s data usage to let you know which apps are hogging your data. It also allows you to select which apps use your mobile internet bundles and which are only allowed to use Wi-Fi. So if you notice for example that the Google+ App is using too much data, you can restrict it to only use the internet when you’re connected to your work Wi-Fi network.  Of course there are myriad of applications (like My Data Manager and Traffic Monitor) that monitor data usage, but from the few we’ve used Onavo Count seems the most clean and intuitive one.
    Available for both Android and IOS.
  3. unnamedbiNudescribed by its makers as “Your smartphone in the cloud”, biNu takes the Opera Mini cloud-processing concept further by offering cloud apps. So whether you want to read news, Tweet, update your Facebook, or check the soccer league log standings, you have a ultra-lite biNu app to do it, delivering data at about 10x less that your usual smartphone app.
    biNu was designed to provide a smartphone experience to featurephone users by doing all the heavy processing that smartphones do, in the clouds and just delivering lean pages of app information to the user. On smartphones, biNu acts as a second and much leaner smartphone inside in your smartphone providing a lightning fast internet experience.
    Available for Android.
  4. onavo extendOnavo Extend – An app by the same company that provides Onavo Count, Extend saves you data in a different way; it connects your phone to Onavo’s content delivery network, in their words, “to provide you with a leaner and more efficient version of the Internet.” Onavo says the app can make your internet bundles last as much as five times longer.
    Available for both Android and IOS.
  5. on-offData ON-OFF – this is a simple app whose job is to just enable you to switch your data on and off with one tap on the screen. You can technically do this without an app but the nifty app just makes it way easier and direct by making a widget available on your home screen.
    Available for Android.

Have you used any of the apps listed above; how much saving do you think they have provided? If you also have other great apps that you use that we haven’t listed here, please share in the comments below. 


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