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Follow the Zimbabwe Elections on “Google Politics & Elections” hub #ZimDecides

google-electionsWhile there are many sources for news and information on the elections being held today in Zimbabwe, Google’s Politics and Elections hub is unique in that it not only has some human curated information, it uses the search giant’s data to aggregate and present useful information about the elections that no other platform can.

On the site, you will find direct links to the election manifestos by the different political parties, direct links to their sites, links to useful tools like the Voter’s Roll website, that we’ve covered here, and links to Twitter hashtags on election conversation going on on. The website, through the Google News service, also has the latest news on the Zim elections aggregated from news sites all over the world.

With a total population of about  12.7 million, Zimbabwe now has an estimated 4.5 million internet users, most of them using mobile devices. Information presented in an easy to digest format like this is therefore important to help people stay more informed about important processes like elections.

Google has election hub sites like this one for many other countries, including the US, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal and others. The utilities on the sites differ depending on the data available and general interest in the election globally.

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