It gets ugly as Econet disconnects Telecel Zimbabwe. Our brief thoughts

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telecel-vs-econetEarlier today Econet released a statement, its response to the Telecel statement yesterday that basically accused them of throttling traffic. In the statement, which we posted in full here, Econet essentially said they are no under any obligation to have interconnection with Telecel as Telecel are an unlicensed operator. This because Telecel is still to renew its license.

We have been trying since this afternoon to see if Econet would actually move to disconnect Telecel wholesale. Until about 6PM (a hour ago) we could make calls from an Econet SIM to a Telecel one. Not anymore. Other subscribers have confirmed they too are unable to connect. We also tested SMS messages and so far they are going through, so EcoCash mobile money transfer recipients are likely not affected. Yet. Who knows.

Effectively this means the 8+ million SIM cards on the Econet network have been cut off from making voice calls to the 2.5 million Telecel subscribers. And yes, it’s the people that suffer as the networks fight.

We contacted some sources in the industry and we’re told that the Telecel disconnection is a move instructed from the very top at Econet. According to our sources, the throttling problem that Telecel reported to the market was, as far as Econet was concerned, a genuine technical problem brought about partly by a drastic increase in voice traffic from Telecel. Our sources say the top executives at Econet were unhappy with the Telecel official statement and basically got into a “you want to pick a fight? let’s fight!” mode.

Our sources also said that the top executives at Econet are unhappy that they are forced to compete with an unlicensed operator who hasn’t paid any fees and is basically bagging all the revenue. Having already paid $85 million and now required to pay $52 million by the end of this year, Econet is apparently unhappy that not paying any license fees means Telecel can afford to slash prices at will.

Our feeling so far is that Econet’s move is too drastic and insensitive to what this means for the millions of mobile users in Zimbabwe. People expect to be able to make calls when they have bought airtime to do so. People also expect, when their mobile phones are on, to receive calls from all networks. And they should. Surely, that’s not too much to ask. If an operator is flouting the rules, why not issue a statement first well in advance (a week at least?) so subscribers make a plan?

It’s understandable how infuriating it’d be to compete against a company that’s not paying anything (yet) in regulatory fees when you’ve just parted with nearly $100m. But in not separating the issues by responding to the throttling allegation aside and then issuing a statement (and notice of intention to disconnect) to deal with the ‘competing-against-unlicensed-operators” issue, they just confused everyone.

In fact, Econet just played into Telecel’s hands PR wise. Now, in public’s eyes, they are the big bully who not only throttled calls from a rival small network whose only crime was making communication cheaper, but also went ahead and inconsiderately suddenly disconnected millions of people from communicating with their loved ones. This will dog the Econet brand and will take some serious effort to clean up.

And the deafening silence from POTRAZ! What a let down.


  1. Joe Black

    As an Econet subscriber, I’m particularly pissed that they didn’t inform me of this beforehand.

    I not only expect to make calls, but I expect to RECEIVE calls from any network. This is a service I pay Econet for.

    By removing Telecel, they have basically degraded their service offering to me. Doing it retrospectively and without prior notice is unacceptable. I don’t actually care about licensing issues or their fights with Telecel or who has paid what to whom and when and who is right or legal or whatever?

    I’m pissed because I can’t receive business calls from Telecel, so I lose revenue. As a paying customer, I would have expected Econet to show me much greater respect than this nonsensical move, done with NO prior notice.

    For that, I’m changing the number on my business cards to Telecel, and am making that my primary number. This isn’t the kind of thing I forgive easily.

    We’re your customers Econet, show us some respect. Deal with Telecel without inconveniencing your customers, that’s who you’re beholden to.

    1. Happycat

      Smartest comment I’ve seen on this matter yet

    2. Relax

      Eeh hasha shoma uko. Ndodzinonzi dzegurwe idzi. Kuzvidambura muswe chaiko

    3. Business analyst

      With due respect sir, i understand that your business has been prejudiced but at the same time Telecel is enjoying freebiz, operating without a valid licence as from the following: “This licence places certain strict conditions on our operations. Clause 5.2.2 of our licence requires us to interconnect only with licensed operators.

      This paragraph derives from Section 61 of the Act, which allows a licensed operator to interconnect with another licensed operator. Section 2 of the Act defines a licensee as a holder of a valid licence issued in terms of section 37 of the Act. There is no obligation to interconnect with a provider of telecommunications services that is not validly licensed in terms of Section 37 of the Act.”

      Moving to Telecel would be the next option but what if it is stopped from opearating as it is operating illegally, so you will end up using Econet again

      Making an announcement to you the public is not Econet’s duty but should be done by Potraz, which from before has been favouring Telecel from the beginning.

      Telecel Zimbabwe is not a holder of a valid licence issued in terms of Section 37 of the Act. Telecel Zimbabwe was announced as the winner of a tender to operate a mobile telecommunications service in 1996. The award of the licence to Telecel Zimbabwe was declared to be invalid by a High Court judgment handed down on 31 December 1997. Telecel Zimbabwe appealed to the Supreme Court, but the appeal was never pursued. The High Court granted leave for the execution of its judgment pending appeal. That leave was never challenged in the Supreme Court. If Telecel Zimbabwe was subsequently issued with a licence, the issue of such a licence was in violation of the High Court Judgment, and of the Telecommunications legislation that applied at the time.

      In any event, as is a matter of public record, the Telecel Zimbabwe licence was subsequently validly terminated. Assuming the licence issued to Telecel was valid and was not validly terminated, such licence expired on 2 June 2013. As can be confirmed with regulatory authorities, no new licence had been issued in its place. Therefore, as matters stand, Telecel is not a holder of a valid telecommunications licence issued in terms of section 37 of the Act.

      Wish you the best in your business endeveours i hope you also are operating legally and within the law.

      1. Taku

        Dude (BA), Telecel’s legal merit is noones concern but POTRAZ. If I can’t do business on Telecel because Econet is causing; I won’t. Bhora mberi Joe. Tosangana ku Keg and Bob.

      2. taps

        We wont use econet again mdara we will use @ZWNET*ONE or africom . Econet has no customer at heart but its pocket.

  2. Truthful Person

    Watching with interest what Potraz does next.

  3. CastroMzizi

    In as much as Econet have every right to disconnect Telecel they have no right to disrespect us ther customers in ths kind of manner. They are not fixing Telecel they are also potentially going to lose 2,5Million subscribers who want to call their telecel friends. Imagine today not being able to call my girl friend coz she is on Telecel. How so f***d up. I think im gonna hate Econet for this. They dont offer us good promotions, they dont offer us good customer care, Their Ecocash is good but what good does it do when it doesnt allow me after buying my airtime to call Telecel. First it was Netone, Now Telecel, Talk of big bullies…. #HateEConet. Please lets do a “#HateEconet campaign” maybe it will knock some sense into their Bully heads

    1. Authorised Kombi

      Dude you are being paranoid look at it like this” if you get into an unlicenced kombi and its gets impounded while you are on it you don’t blame the police but you should blame the operator of the kombi” you blame the operator who did not regularise his kombi not the law.

      1. Farai Sairai

        yes you blame operator but you do not impound it. Police (POTRAZ) do this this! Other licensed kombis cannot do this

  4. takue

    Econet has no respect whatsoever to the customers that have given it their trust in upholding their interests in being able to communicate seamlessly with other mobile subscribers. this is just a simple show of power. Who made them both judge and player in the telecoms game? Is that not the mandate of POTRAZ?

  5. kb

    the diff is the same. Telecel aint paying anything and r bagging cash. Pay up license first since you hv $2.5 mil subscribers. Be considerate . Telecel dnt be Museyamwa enterprises. be professional dats why I left your network

    1. Kingnerdy

      chimuseyamwa chakanyanya patelecel. more like running a business without paying tax and then going to zimra complaining for unfair treatment against a company that pays taxis to zimra

  6. Alu Moyo

    When elephants fight, its the grass underneath that suffers. THANK YOU ECONET for making US the grass! TATADZEIKO?

    1. lola


  7. Enraged Parent

    Thanks to Econet, I cannot get hold of my son tonight to find out where he is. This is unbelievable. I hope heavy fines follow.

  8. Greg Kawere

    I think all the backlash on Econet is not warranted.
    Legally Econet are within their rights to do wha they did
    Econet have been subsiding Telecel enabling them to be competitive since the license fees is a substantial operating expense

    Why is Telecel operating without a license is the right question
    Why has Potraz allowed Telecel to operate without a license is the right question
    Why is Telecel short changing clients by not having a license to operate making them vulnerable to being cut off legally like they have been

    Why Telecel not Why Econet is the right question

    Econet will gain clients, revenue & network capacity so Why not
    Its a purely business decision that will help Econet clients & Econet itself

    Telecel Customers : Stop whining & join Econet but come back when the situation has been sorted out

    Telecel : Stop whining, pay your license & get your house in order

    PS : I am a Telecel customer, I love Telecel but I blame Telecel for short-changing me as a customer by not operating legally in Zimbabwe.

    1. cold

      Hey ecoGreg, that’s great what you said. Are you seriously telling me that it is ok for a network operator to simply disconnect from another without warning the nation what it is doing? you don’t recognize the danger and inconvenience they just caused the whole nation who have stopped using land lines? I don’t want to be insulting to you, so i wont tell you what i think of that idea. Econet is however going to feel a big backlash from this.

      1. Buddie Zone

        Hapana backlash what makes you think people will be as irrational as you guys you will always make decisions that protects your own interests especially after being billed for $137 million for 20 years? that is $571k monthly amortisation. Hapana kana nyaya I hope Telecel yacho can afford the licence fees because if you don’t pay you gets disconnected and what will the customers say when this happens BLAME ECONET. Shame

    2. Happycat

      The reason everyone’s pissed off at Econet is because business and social lives have been disrupted by Econet’s poorly thought out decision to disconnect their subscribers from 2.5 million of their friends, family, customers (i.e. income), work associates, medical advice, road rescue or whatever else. And prior to taking such action they didn’t file any complaints about Telecel operating illegally nor did they warn their near 10 million subscribers of their case.

      Your questions about Telecel and POTRAZ are valid but why has this situation been allowed to prevail for this long and why is Econet suddenly interested in this argument after well over a decade? They certainly do no have any moral high ground in this case.

      1. spencer

        Telecel was still concluding their shareholding structure with the indegenisation board and it was a requirement for them to comply with government laws before their license could be renewed. Their directors had flown into the country from Egypt for the talks last week. Not that Telecel was exempt from license fees Econet jus jumped to capitalise on the situation

    3. marwadzo

      Telecel did not deliberately deny its self a license that it applied for.

      First Telecel was asked to meet the 51/49 split then it did through an application, further, Telecel was asked to up that to 60/40 in favor of local shareholding as an old license precondition and they are addressing that.

      Telecel has been operating under a government waiver pending the regulation of their license the real issue is why would one network disconnect the other without caring about customers such as yourself? The money they go on about was paid no more than a month ago and even then they have not paid it in full when they were having license issues no one jumped on them!!!

    4. youuu

      lets be honest econet has become arrogant everything they did after introducing internet has been reactive to what telecel does. and no the excuse that license fees are there snt valid i mean who said they had to pay 85mill upfront potraz did say they would take payment plans.
      i digress the issue is econet deals with all issues vindictively remember the africom, aquiva connectivity issues it isnt the 1st time theve throttled another network.
      ps if cell c can pay higher license fees and manage to dish out promotions y nt econet. i history is to be recalled 1 netone used to act this way until people became fed up.
      econet improve yo pr and customer relations only potraz can give the order to disconnect another network

    5. Farai Sairai

      Fine they are or were operating illegally. Now is Econet’s duty to disconnect or POTRAZ? 1st port of call would be POTRAZ issuing a disconnection notice so that the relevant networks effect such action. Econet is a player not a regulatory board. It cannot issue red cards or blow the whistle. Foul or not, offisde or not, they cannot do what they did. Bully tactics at play here.

  9. macdchip

    Surprisingly lm 100% behind Econet, call them names but they have a following the ruled. They didnot make such rules.

    If you are caught ridding in a cheap unlicensed kombi, would you complain if the law gets applied?

    1. cold

      Is that so? Were they instructed to do so by the relevant authority? or are they now the authority? I think you are behind, just as you say. Far behind.

      1. macdchip

        By enacting such law and and hav it gazetted in gvt publication, it is clear what econet have to do when faced with unlicensed operators trying to connect to there network.

        They are just following a clearly laid law.

        1. tafmak3000

          They didn’t disconnect Telecel because of the law, they did it because top executives were annoyed by Telecel’s stement. The law wasn’t passed yesterday

    2. lola

      would you starve people because of the sins of their fathers and forefathers? I DONT THINK SO! Econet is a big bully and thats it. Africom is next after this

  10. Chihelele

    When did Econet become the regulator?

    Something fishy is going on. Econet is abusing its market leader position

    You cant just toss around lives of 10 million people like that to settle little silly wars

    Econet clearly has failed to find a solution to Telecel innovative thinking.

    Right now i support a heavy penalty or even a disqualification and revocation of Econet license. This is a security matter, economic sabotage of the highest order.

    1. Guest

      Seriously?? How does one fail to counter such ‘innovative thinking’ as slashing down of prices. What innovative code or equipment does Telecel own that Econet can not get its hands on. Some of this is just pure emotion.

      1. cold

        100% emotion – but that is what they have done today – light a fire under an emotional nation at an emotional time.

        Did they really think it would be acceptable? It’s not about telecel or econet – it’s about the guy or girl on the end of the line. Econet – you just messed up big time!

      2. +263

        Econet ineutsinye l wonder kuti vanozviti ndevechechi papi gore riya itwas netone noe telecl.Is econet (ecopotraz)here nhai?luck l moved over from that network long bac and never regret .Nxaaa econet

      3. Chihelele

        Econet will give you $1 free after topping up $50. Telecel give you $1 everytime you top up $1.

        Its unacceptable in Econet small world to give back to the poor consumer their 50% back.

        The timing of this is wrong. This has potential to stoke some fires in this critical election time in zimbabwe.

        Imagine a parliamentary candidate right now can not get hold of his election argent to map their election forward.

        A mother somewhere cant get hold of her daughter who is still away

      4. Kingnerdy

        they are slashing prices because they have little obligations in terms of cost of the services. more like competing kutengesa madomasi nemunhu airkungowana madomasi acho mahara otanga hakle kutangesa at half your price apa iwe urikubhadhara kuaohorder

    2. Jassy

      Totally in agreement. Where is the Competition and Tariff Commission when this is happening? Where is POTRAZ? These are the regulators which should enforce anti-trust laws in a case like this. Its a clear case of abuse of dominance by ECONET. Whether Telecel is licensed or not, the responsible authority to sanction Telecel is POTRAZ.

      I think Econet is just now clueless. They were used to monopoly power which is gradually being eroded.

      1. Kingnerdy

        potraz is not doing anything about telecel’s distortation of prices coming from the fact that they haven’t committed themselves to the obligation on licensing fees which if they have paid i am sure their pricing and promotions will be determined by that huge commitment

        1. spencer

          Potraz is the one who approved that pricing, they approve all tariffs so vakatoona ari bho so its not Telecel distorting prices

          1. Kingnerdy

            i doubt potraz have had any say on those mega promitions

            1. spencer

              then you still have a lot to learn they regulate set and approve all tariffs and promotions in the telecommunications sector through cost modelling

              1. Econet Subscriber

                NO you are misguided they set and agree the tariffs based on “approved operational cost” for each operators but not the promotions. The promotions you will notice are not in all cases going beyond what is regulated but LOWER than the set tarrifs. So don’t make comments about subjects you are not clear about and lie to people. And when you say approved its what all the Finance teams in Telecoms do a lot of haggling with POTRAZ because a lot of the costs are disqualified in the costing for the tariff that is finally approved. I aint made with Econet these things do happen and you don’t have the chance to pre-warn your customers but the REAL customers will seek to understand the rational and not use any emotion.

              2. spencer

                all promotions are nw regulated it started this year u r lost in time all promotions pass thru them for approval, they even sent a regulatory directive this year concerning promotions, and some operators r not allowed to go below a certain threshold becoz of their market power to prevent monopoly, u need to keep up to date with developments in the sector as u pretend to know a lot even better ask your mngmnt b4 u label pple liars here bcoz of yo ignorance. All retail tariffs r regulated in Zim finish

              3. spencer

                moreso there is no “haggling” over costs to be included as you porpote becoz there is an International Telecommunications Model COSITU Model which is used ( soon to be changed) by the operators and regulator to come up with the tariff hence the cost categories r already predetermined and disqualified by the cost model not POTRAZ as u r lying here

              4. Kingnerdy

                then why are they silent

    3. Truthful Person

      I absolutely agree with you.

      Econet is continually allowed to commit unfair business practices – they started with the banks – they do not allow the banks to be able to carry a money transfer transaction over their USSD channel. Secondly, they turned off Netone and now they have turned off Telecel. When is the population going to turn around and say enough Econet. Econet compete fairly and squarely. Potraz and other regulators start taking action.

      1. Buddie Zone

        Because there are more sensible Econet customers out there when Econet does anything they will have applied themselves have you ever stopped and asked yourself why they GET AWAY with these so called unfair practices because they always follow the law. Tichaonerera when the NETONE licence saga kicks in or they have already paid the licence fees ? Sekai henyu Gushungo

      2. dev

        Can you dial the following using an econet line and see if you do not get a bank menu *200# , *223# , *440*600#, *229#

  11. Time

    Wait a minute…I don’t think people shouuld even pick a side in this Econet vs Telecel saga. Question is, why was POTRAZ allowing Telecel to operate and where is POTRAZ now? Both Econet and Telecel should band together and take POTRAZ to task and ask them why exactly it wasn’t making one of them follow the rules. IMO, someone at POTRAZ itself should be fired.

    1. spencer

      Telecel was still concluding their shareholding structure with the
      indegenisation board and it was a requirement for them to comply with
      government laws before their license could be renewed they actually wanted to pay. Their directors
      had flown into the country from Egypt for the talks last week. Not that
      Telecel was exempt from license fees Econet jus jumped to capitalise on
      the situation

      1. KuraiMGT

        They have been doing that since 1996?. It is Telecel which is inconveniencing customers by not getting a licence. Have you ever considered the implications of econet interconnecting with an unlicensed operator against the conditions of their licence. I would fret myself also if i had just pumped some $100m

        1. spencer

          no licenses for the two operators expired in end of June, that is the license they r supposed to renew

        2. spencer

          besides Econet did not even pay the full 133 million, they made a payment plan for 20 years starting from June, its not like they had a huge cash outflow

          1. KuraiMGT

            I think the buck stops with Potraz on this one. And it looks like Telecel were making their moves in bad faith (considering they have no locus citandi). They seem to have been angling to be seen as holier than econet and achieve some kind of brand attack through negative public statements. From an econet management persective, this was distasteful and they responded with a masterstroke, (though from customer perspective………when the bulls fight, its the grass that gets trampled upon).

            It is my opinion that Telecel should have continued to engage Econet to resolve the traffic issue, to give a public statement saying that Econet is engaging in bad business practice (yet in fact, connecting to unlicensed operators is in fact bad business practice). Your arguement for the license fee being for 20 years is valid, but the impact on cashflows, in the year of disbursement is also steep.

            Do you remember that Valley technologies were disconnected recently due to non payment of license fees, why is Telecel getting away with it. Rules should apply and be seen to be applied equally.

            1. spencer

              you have a point when u said Telecel should have not gone public accusing Econet of sabotage , it has definitely backfired, some issues dont need companies to rush to the press without consultation first, they could have resolved

              1. Daniel

                Telecel are customer orientated and they have a duty to tell their customers what is going on. Why was Econet throttling Telecel calls in the first place? Becoz they ddnt pay their licence fees? Thats ridiculos, I was using 2 lines and I am now switching over to telecel, My mom and dad kumusha were also on Econet but since I cant call them, I am now moving them over to telecel! I know its insignficant to them but as a matter of principle to me I feel very fine with that!

              2. spencer

                Daniel u seem to have a problem with me right, u r always jumping on my posts and in other posts accusing me of being an econet employee well im jus factual and u r jus too emotional everyone in yo family can move to Telecel i dont care , its none of my business, it wont affect me 1 bit!!

              3. Authorised Kombi

                manje uchadzoka ya vharwa Telecel yacho baba vako vaakutadza kukubata mombe dzadya mumunda me next door LOL usaite hasha nenyaya iri pachena you should be going to telecl and toyi toyi there for them to regularise their operation.

              4. Guest

                Akuudzai kuti havana kuita consultation ndiyani? Musataura zvamusingazivi.

              5. spencer

                i know what im talking about, they rushed to make a press statement and a report to the regulator

              6. tavaziva

                Consultation nani when we are the customers. Unopenga iwe!!!!

              7. marwadzo

                Telecel only went to the public after subscribers complained demanding an explanation. Even as I type they have remained cool waiting for government intervention in line with the regulatory rules.

                How does a tenant lock out another tenant and put a key blocker in the gate keyhole and argue that i will not let you in to the landlord’s house because you have not paid rent when the landlord and the tenant have separate agreements? Furthermore Econet has locked out its own kids (subscribers) in their fit of unjustified anger!!!!

              8. mufay

                lol, i like your allegory

              9. Kingnerdy

                i think a tenant can bar another tenant from accessing her/his own rooms if need be

            2. marwadzo

              seriously, you expect Telecel to have continued begging Econet from the 13th of July to date for connectivity without explaining to the general public?

              Telecel has never been reluctant to pay any fees if anything Telecel has pushed publicly and privately to renew its license. everyone forgets you cant pay license fees until you have been granted the same license. Telecel’s hands are tied and Econet despite having gone through similar issues at formation has decided to take advantage of an opponent who is bound and blind folded by hunting for an obsecure clause if they where the regulatory authority remember they only paid part of their fees no more that a fortnight ago how that gives them high moral ground baffles the mind!!!

              1. KuraiMGT

                Begging someone to break the law????. Maybe they should beg Potraz for a license (or at least beg Potraz to indicate to econet that they wont punish themfor flouting conditions of their license) – Law of Contracts

                Telecel should get a license, barking the wrong tree doesnt pay

  12. KuraiMGT

    Is it a case of Baccossi gone awry????, A free rider case maybe??? following curiously

  13. zvotyisa

    vabva vadzima just before elections? after 16years? potraz quiet (silence means they agree with them)? govt (original z*pf) not crying ‘sabotage’? #unansweredQns

  14. kthaker

    i hereby nominate Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, for the award of “Corporate Drama Queen” of 2013!

  15. Tim

    Hehe I don’t see where the inconvenience is.

    Happy Dual SIM Android Smartphone user with either lines

    1. kthaker

      lol! worst case, can still call people on either network using viber

  16. GhostIT

    When did Econet become a regulator. I was POTRAZ who we supposed to give an instruction to other telecoms players that they must terminate telecel. Econet is now a bully and as a customer we are detained by Econet.

  17. Welly Mbedzi

    Lamula POTRAZ ingane ziyabulalana, We need a new player these guys have over enjoyed this industry we need a game changer…..I was “Inspired” now I am so PISSED an wont “Tell someone”…

  18. tinashe chinyanga

    Telecel is and has been an unlicensed operator for more than 7 years now as noted by Econet “Telecel Zimbabwe was announced as the winner of a tender to operate a mobile telecommunications service in 1996. The award of the licence to Telecel Zimbabwe was declared to be invalid by a High Court judgment handed down on 31 December 1997. Telecel Zimbabwe appealed to the Supreme Court, but the appeal was never pursued.” (Techzim article).

    The real question, and bone of contention is, why? Why has this been the case for so long for such a big company? Why have us, the customers, been thronging for their services? Would you drive around in an unlicensed car, or visit an unlicensed G.P? If not why/how is it any different in this setup? Other questions raised are whether the other mobile operators are licensed given the second largest operator has no licence. If these questions are answered truthfully, we might just get to the real issue, not near sighted perceptions of Econet being a bully.

    This is a case with far reaching effects and if Econet had not taken this stance who knows for how long this would have gone on and to what end. In as much as the act and principle behind Econets doing is not at fault, its execution is. They should have at least warned their customers before disconnecting.

    1. lola

      #1- Telecel has beenn operating with a licence. #2- this SAME licence expired in June #3- if the regulator and ministry allowed them to operate, WHO the hell does Econet think they are? They are the king of assholes

      1. tinashe chinyanga

        lola, my point is based on Econets’ findings and an article from ZBC’s website, where are you getting information about Telecel having a licence?

    2. marwadzo

      Its not Econet’s job to regularize licenses the need to renew licenses happened less than two months ago and Econet’s own payment was made less than a fortnight ago!!!

      Econet faced similar challenges in their history and they got help from the late VP Joshua Nkomo now that they are big they forget how difficult it is to renew or get a license all from a christian focused institution? their level of hatred is saddening progressive companies welcome healthy competition.

      playing referee in the same game you are playing as a striker simply means you will give your self penalties or free kicks every other minute!!!!

      Despite all this disconnecting your own subscribers and customers without a peep. I had a death in the family and failed to connect with people because of this big bully attitude. remember when a crocodile is eating your neighbor don’t celebrate tomorrow you too will want to cross the same river and the same fate awaits.

  19. Sasha

    econet is forcing people to get telecel lines, i cant get through to my maid at home because she is on telecel and i am on econet…what crime have i committed????

  20. Mrs Jackson

    ECONET is not the regulator , if Telecel has broken any laws
    and is operating illegally let the regulators order that Econet cut them off,
    or is the regulator condoning Econet’s action?

    ECONET is basically saying that for the last 15 years
    Telecel has operated illegally and Econet has been happy to earn
    interconnection fees by connecting this ILLEGAL UNLICENSED operator for 15
    years , but all of a sudden ECONET is now taking a high Legal and Moral stand
    and cutting TELECEL off?

    This makes no sense because basically ECONET are saying they
    were also breaking the law for the last 15 years by connecting and profiting
    from an allegedly unlicensed operator , until yesterday when they decided to
    take this stand

    ECONET paid a part of their license feed only 2 weeks ago on
    July 10 as they admitted and are on a payment plan for the next decade to pay
    off the rest – ECONET has not paid 100 million dollars as most mistakenly

    ECONET is only 2 weeks ahead of Telecel on this license
    renewal payment not years as they are trying to mslead in their statement.

    It is a well known documented fact that Telecel is
    undergoing shareholding changes in order to be compliant with the laws AND AS
    SUCH the Ministry of Telecoms has stated that until that process 9 WHICH IS AT
    AN ADVANCED STAGE ) has been completed, Telecel cannot renew its license

    TELECEL is not just sitting back doing nothing and hoping to
    profit from having to NOT pay, PORTRAZ will NOT renew their license until
    shareholding is normalized which will be done soon

    ECONET mention the court battles from 1997 , the big difference then is that there were
    ZERO subscribers on either network at
    that time, only the individuals who went to court at that time were affected by
    any decisions made or any power moves employed by either side.

    ANY moves that are
    made at this stage where 10 million people now have mobile phones with most
    conducting their business and day to day livelihood via cellphones such a
    battle affects each and everyone of those 10 million

    ECONET is an admirable company , but this clearly personal
    bitter stance they have taken only hurts ALL subscribers on both networks, the
    people who pulled the plug are not affected by this at all.

    May all egos on both
    sides be set aside for the sake of the millions
    of subscribers “When Elephants fight it is the grass that suffers”

  21. The Serial Analyst

    Good people,

    Why do you keep saying Telecel is bagging all the money by not paying their licence fees? You make it seem as if their obligation to pay was cancelled. Whether they pay today or tomorrow, the difference is the same: THEY STILL GOING TO PAY THEIR LICENCE FEES.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, one of the major reasons for not having paid the fees is because they must first indigenize, something that is a process (of course Telecel is to blame for not having acted upon this on time). So even if they have the money, they’ll have to pay when they’ve indigenized. So the whole argument about Telecel benefiting falls away (notwithstanding the working capital position benefit of course).


  22. Eddy Marongwe

    Ii i were POTRAZ instead of concentrating on the Telecel License i would #PENALIZE Econet with a fine, they are not POTRAZ so why act on their behalf and disconnect Telecel… Lol. i use both lines but in so many ways i prefer Telecel

    1. tinashe chinyanga

      Econet is not acting as POTRAZ, its acting as Econet. Its like you simply resticting calls from a Mr. Dhakwaz. Its within your right not to allow someone to contact you. You can bar someone from entering your house even if the entire street belongs to some organisation. POTRAZ suspends operational activity completely, moobile operators can choose whether or not to allow communication between their networks.

      1. Eddy Marongwe

        Well they are because, Telecel don’t owe Econet but POTRAZ unless you saying by Law any network provider is allowed to disconnect another if they are yet to be licensed, but im certain POTRAZ has the sole mandate of flagging other operators to connect, disconnect or throttle another operator…

        1. spencer

          u r right no operator is allowed to willfully disconnect an interconnecting partner without approval of the regulator by law. which is why on the netone-econet feud econet was ordered to reconnect with netone with immediate effect and pay a fine. The same will happen in this case, its nt jus abt the operators themselves but there are consumers and other businesses built arnd them who wl be affected by such actions

  23. spencer

    Vakanganwa chazuro nehope. Recently they were ordered to reconnect NetOne with immediate effect and they were fined.

  24. Caleb

    True. Econet got public sympathy as their major capital base. Now they are abusing that public sympathy in a monumental way. Remember how they just terminated post paid contracts at a stroke, their disconnecting us with Netone, etc. Goodbye Econet. My goodwill, though insignificant to the mighty you, is withdrawn completely.

  25. Pindile Mhandu

    Wow. I wish i worked at Potraz bagging millions of dollars. Anyway, look at it this way, would u still be angry at Econet if the Telecel licence was revoked? Would you be angry at econet coz people cannot call u anymore from Telecel. They should pay potraz!

  26. Buddie Zone

    Guys smell the coffee do you really think if Econet did something illegal POTRAZ would have kept quite I have dealt with goons at POTRAZ on countless occasions they are vindictive when it gets to Econet and in this instance I will put my money on Econet. Yes customers are inconvenienced but Telecel needs to comply with the law and in any case subscribers will suffer Econet subscribers are suffering not because Econet has breached the law but another operator is illegally offering a service and the law protects Econet. Let POTRAZ produce the licence it has issued to Telecel and all will be well and you seriously believe with the war vet connections in Telecel you believe Econet would get away with it this far NO. Its basically because the law protects them and especially after paying $ 80 million and trust me the balance they will pay and stay clean of the law. Telecel must regularise its business and protect interests of its SUBSCRIBERS remember interconnection is not only with Telecel but with many other operators and they all manage their legal status and ensure you remain connected.

    1. Truthful Person

      Yes I do! The problem is that Econet thinks it is bigger than the regulators. All three regulators should be jumping around – have they said anything. Competition Commission, RBZ and Potraz ?

  27. eco chinyi .. fools

    econet now seems to be getting too arrogant if they cared so much about regulations why wasnt i given a full refund or even courteous service when i asked about my money. potraz should now also investigate this issue of missing airtime since econet wants to conform.
    please econet you are in business to give me connectivity not to settle personal grudges innovate instead of of being fools.
    i mean if potraz dnt say disconnect telecel then y did you do it. especially just b4 elections why not on 8 june when the license expired.

  28. Guest

    They laughed at my dual sim Phone, now i laugh back because i can call both.

  29. Muti

    They laughed at my dual sim Phone,, now i laugh back because i can call both.

  30. Trooper

    Have you guys seen that Econet broadband is not working today since 5am?

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