Mukuru launches mobile app. Users can send money, chat with friends

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mukuru-appInternational remittance service, Mukuru, announced today the launch of a new mobile app that provides money transfer and communication services to Mukuru subscribers. The app, which is available for both smartphones and feature phones enables users of the service to send money track money transfer transactions, do card balance enquiries, buy airtime for friends and chat with both other Mukuru users and Mukuru support.

According to the announcement, in future Mukuru subscribers will be able to buy electricity credit for their family back home via the app. You will remember that Mukuru is modelled to help people in the Diaspora transfer money and other things back home.

We’re finding the chat component of the app quite interesting and we’re keen to try it out. It’s the first time we are hearing of a money transfer service having a fully featured messaging component. According to Mukuru, users can send each other pictures via the app, and even do group conversations, we are guessing, in a way similar to WhatsApp, WeChat and other clones. If you try the app out, please do let us know your chatting experience in the comments.

It’s also great that services that are mobile network independent (i.e. those that don’t need to beg the operators for USSD access) are emerging, especially if they support feature phones like this app does. No one has a monopoly on the internet so the bickering about access can end.

The app is available on Here’s an explainer of the app on YouTube:


  1. Pindile Mhandu

    hokoyo. love this. hope its dope enough to take whatsapp’s marketshare. pamberi

  2. Pindile Mhandu

    moneygram in other countries can be accessed in a similar way and this will surely make their service more accessible and reach more people.

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  5. Constane

    Hi I am Phumeza in Welkom, I transefed a money using an atm , my Friend is telling me that he was supose to get an sms, so I want to knw wat is needed so that he can collect a money.

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  7. trymore

    pamberi nemukuru

  8. Tafara Mashawi

    hep to b part of dis grp.

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  10. michael Ndlovu

    I want to send money to my family who stays in rural areas ,is there any other way where they can collect the money coz no banks in rural areas

  11. michael Ndlovu

    how can you send money to rural areas ,where there. are no banks to collrct money