“That’s racist!” Huawei says of spying & hacking allegations by the US and UK


Huawei“This is tired nonsense we’ve been hearing for years. This is politically-inspired and racist corporate defamation, nothing more.” is what a representative of Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications giant, apparently said to The Verge.


William Plummer, vice president of external affairs at Huawei, is quoted by the US tech news to have said that if western governments had any evidence of the company assisting state-sponsored hacking by China through its telecoms equipment, they should “the put up, or shut up.”

The Huawei executive’s word come as a response to more accusations, this time leveled by a former CIA head, Michael Hayden, that the telecoms company uses its equipment unscrupulously to supply sensitive information to the Chinese government. Last year it emerged that US lawmakers considered Huawei Technologies Inc., and ZTE Inc potential risks to their national security. The same sentiments have been expressed in the UK where Huawei is undergoing scrutiny over these spying suspicions.


Interestingly the western governments themselves, have come under fire from recent evidence that they have been using telecommunications networks to spy on users of the internet both inside their countries and globally. Last week, a guardian newspaper, The Guardian revealed some “top-secret” documents alleging that Skype and Microsoft worked with the American government spy agencies providing private subscriber email and video chat content.

Read the full Verge article here.

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2 thoughts on ““That’s racist!” Huawei says of spying & hacking allegations by the US and UK

  1. Nice way to divert attention from the NSA revelations. But the NSA data gathering issue now has a life of its own and has caused enough global public stir and diplomatic havoc to keep the US struggling to justify itself.

    The Huawei exposure came after they almost won some very big telecomms contract. They resorted to cause alarm in a protectionist move.

    Not to say Huawei is guilty but the US was asked to prove these allegations and Last time Huawei agreed to share the code/schematics of the said backdoors in their products.

  2. It is thought Edward is holding even more damaging infor than he has revealed so far.

    This is a way of brewing accusations which will distract pple from real deal should he spill more beens

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