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Google invites developers to Cloud Platform Developer Challenge

Yes, another challenge. If you are developer and need some kind of incentive to get you learning the Google App Engine this may be it. It’s a developer challenge Google is sponsoring for apps built on its cloud platform using Google APIs like the Google+YouTube and Maps APIs. The main requirement is that you build “locally relevant web applications that solve real world problems” in the following categories:

  • Enterprise/Small Business Solutions , Education, Not for Profit
  • Social / Personal Productivity/Games / Fun

According to the announcement on Google’s Africa blog, the first around of submissions will be open October 22. The competition is global but subdivided into regions: Sub Saharan Africa, Latin America, South East Asia, Middle East & North Africa, India, Rest of the World. According to the announcement on Google’s Africa blog, the best app in each region will receive a $20,000 prize. Some extra incentive has also been put forward for all-female teens and all-students teams that make it into the second round of the competition; $2,000 and $1,000 respectively. The announcement says they are doing this to encourage diversity amoung developers.

Read the full announcement here.

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