Zimbabwean BlackBerry phone owners left in the cold, as BBM rolls out to ‘everyone’

bbm_mastWhen BlackBerry announced they’d open up BlackBerry to everyone other platforms, the concern immediately was that in Zimbabwe, where BlackBerry Internet Services is currently blocked by regulation, the messaging app would be closed to its own device customers while open to Android and iPhone users. Now with the app now available in the Play Store and App Store, BlackBerry owners in the country are left in the cold.

They can only watch as counterparts on the other platforms enjoy an app that is supposed to be part of the core of their devices’ functionality. Being no BlackBerry owners ourselves, we can only guess the frustration this would cause.

That aside, from what we observe there doesn’t seem to be any excitement over the app beyond the curiosity of downloading, installing and sharing pins with closest friends. There’s just not enough new value BBM is bringing to the table. Nothing that other messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat don’t already offer at least, and the BBM brand is not exactly the same huge numbers puller it used to be back in the day.


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12 thoughts on “Zimbabwean BlackBerry phone owners left in the cold, as BBM rolls out to ‘everyone’

    1. Legislation (of Communications) in the Internet Age is very complex. (See also: Zimfon). To answer your question, I would say no, it does not comply with the law – and it does not need to comply because there is no jurisdiction. The BBM servers are likely to be somewhere in Canada. The BIS servers to grant similar functionality to BB phones would have to be in Zimbabwe (with the service provider), granting POTRAZ unquestionable jurisdiction. The irony is not lost on local Blackberry users.

    2. Calypso I’m using BBM on my Android and its working great and i’m chatting. I just downloaded the BBM app and installed. No hustles.

  1. Sorry but Lol.

    Cruel humour in it. You buy BlackBerry for one of its flagship services BBM…then u don’t have it and your Ideos wielding buddy is biting his lower lip savouring…wait for it…BBM


  2. Sorry to bust your bubble. the BBM is working just fine on my Samsung. Download and install you will be given your BBM pin. Iri kushanda

  3. My biggest drawcard for using BBM on my android superphone rather than whatsapp is SECURITY. I js had a colleague lamenting how his boss connived with IT Department to get her chat transcripts for the whole of september. She uses her own phone but the company’s wifi at work so. bang guys be very careful, they havent managed to hack bbm yet so its a big advantage.

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