Some Zimbabwean brands with the worst Facebook pages

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Royco-Usavi-2We have before listed Zimbabwe;s top Facebook business Pages here, so when we came upon this list by a local blogger, Tinashe Nyaruwanga, we found it quite interesting. Nyaruwanga lists what he has found to be the worst Facebook pages in Zimbabwe and amoung them you’d expect high brands that would be expected to execute their online marketing strategy better.

You can read the full article on his blog, but here’s the list (and it’s in no particular order he says):

  1. Lion Lager
  2. NetOne
  3. Royco Usavi
  4. Toyota Zimbabwe
  5. Gloria Flour
  6. Ok Zimbabwe
  7. Africom

If you are a New Media expert (and there are many emerging to meet this clear need) maybe you need to get in touch with them to share some tips, or to get consultancy gig. Just happens that two days ago Alpha Media held a workshop on marketing and new media. Would have been great for people from these and other companies to attend. Lots of stuff discussed there would help them.

We’re sure there are plenty more big brands out there that are playing small on the social media front. if you know any, please list them in the comments below.


  1. Muti

    Netone is the winner.

  2. Raymond Swart

    Gloria Flour best billboard in Zimbabwe, but it’s just that a billboard not a cover photo… Bet those marketing people thought they scored big time with their two for one deal!!! Would have been nice if they showed the same sort of initiative for their Facebook Page.

  3. Tinashe Roy

    What about Royco

  4. JoJo

    haaaa Toyota inozvivharisa. ummmmm whats that…??

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