Econet sells ZTE dumb phone for $0. Gives away free solar charger with it


zte-s551Remember the $15 Huawei dumb phone that was actually $8? Well, it gets even better – now there’s a $15 ZTE dumb phone that’s actually $0. Whoever thought a day like this would come when operators would start giving away devices for free? Certainly not us. It’s hard to imagine this being beyond reach for almost anyone.

So the deal is you pay $15 for this very basic phone (voice calls, SMS, USSD, FM Radio, Torch, Calculator etc…) and Econet gives you all that back in airtime, $3 at a time for 5 months. And on top of that you also get a free solar charger.

We haven’t had an opportunity with any of these so we can’t say just how much value you’re getting in terms of the actual device, but its hard to argue with free, so we gotta recommend this one. I might get my hands on one as its Huawei cousin that I bought in May this year died some several weeks ago. Guess that also gives you an idea the durability of free!


Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

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