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Latest Techzim Podcast: WhatsApp, OK tech store and FB algo change (promo)

Here’s our latest podcast – recorded this week! In there we share our thoughts on the new OK tech store, Facebook’s change to the feed algorithm and what this means for page managers, WhatsApp’s declaration that they will not do ad & game gimmicks that their competition employ, Astro’s new Square-like payments dongle and app and other stuff.

We’d love your thoughts on these things are too… it’s a lot more fun that way so go ahead and comment below or in the soundclip itself! You can also give us other feedback about the podcast itself.

Like last week, there’s a promo code hidden somewhere in the podcast, so listen to it and send in the code to If you’re first to send in the email, you get to pick which 1 T-Shirt in our store you want us to deliver to you free of charge! The winner last week was Chris Kabwato. Thanks to all that entered and wish you the best today.

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2 thoughts on “Latest Techzim Podcast: WhatsApp, OK tech store and FB algo change (promo)

  1. Excellent podcast guys, you are really making progress on staying on topic and getting through everything. I enjoyed the Localish products discussion, as well as the outlook on Astro’s payment app “PayIT” and the suggestion of the curios vendors being able to use it to accept payments from visitors.

    Perhaps they could tie in with an international shipping partner so that the visitor visits the curios vendor, swipes his credit card to buy the soapstone rhino, and then the vendor offers shipping options so that it is waiting for him at his house in London when he returns from his trip to Victoria Falls. Just an idea…

  2. This podcast is right up there with the best! Good to know that my fellow zimbos are interested with everything tech.

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