Bitcoin acts up again, BBM coming to Nokia: Regional & Global round up

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Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox mysteriously disappears

bitcoin1-thumbBitcoins largest exchange MtGox went offline in unclear circumstances yesterday. This new fiasco added to the problems affecting the already volatile crypto-currency. A dip in confidence was quickly felt after the MtGox went offline as the currency fell to below $500. So does this spell the end of Bitcoin? No, not at all. Other exchanges issued a joint statement reassuring people that the incident at MtGox was a result of mismanagement and not a reflection of Bitcoin system.

BBM coming to Lumia devices (Techloy)

bbmessenger-e1326635190234Nokia announced on Monday that the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will be released in the  for its Windows Phone devices in the coming months. Not sure how BBM has been successful for Android devices but since there isn’t much noise about it, BBM may not be making significant headway on other platforms. According to the company, it would be exclusive to its Lumia devices but would likely be released after the first six months for all Windows Phone devices.

FNB’s Budget Tracker app launced on MIXT (Techmoran)

FNB-apps2-webFNB has launced it’s highly popular Budget Tracker app to MXIT after successful feedback on the app on earlier platforms. Users cans use the app to calculate the average spend, how much money is left, as well as how many days until the end of the month – alleviating last minute, end of the month financial woes and surprises.

Any chance of local banks doing something similar?

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  1. Tawanda Kembo

    Headline should read: MtGox acts up again. Not Bitcoin acts up again

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