iWayAfrica diversifies into business intelligence solutions




iWayAfrica today unveiled set of new business intelligent products that are a wee bit out of their regular business scope suggesting that the company is actively diversifying. The new products were launched under the umbrella of “business intelligence and enterprise assurance solutions”, which are basically advanced logistical tracking and advance surveillance systems that they are making available to the local market in partnership with Standard Telephones and Cables.

Presenting at an event held in Harare this morning, iWayAfrica CEO, Nhenha Nyagura unveiled a series of loss prevention security, vehicle monitoring, asset management and tracking systems.

iWayAfrica CEO Nyagura presenting new enterprise solutions from iWayAfrica
iWayAfrica CEO Nyagura presenting new enterprise solutions from iWayAfrica

The products launched included the Kylos merchandise in transit tracking device, the Triton for container tracking, and the Watch Lock which is basically an advanced padlock that reports via text each time its opened and also has a satellite tracking system.

This new product offering are a total break from the internet based solutions that iWayAfrica has traditionally offered at both consumer and enterprise level. Interestingly, there was little talk about their partner STC in Mr Nyagura and the role of each party is still unclear at this stage.

In recent times, iWayAfrica has been trying to reassert itself in the market by introducing new products and packages but this is the first we seeing iWayAfrica introducing non-core products.

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18 thoughts on “iWayAfrica diversifies into business intelligence solutions

  1. That was not business intelligence gentlemen and ladies present at the launch will agree, those were security solutions, young man please revise your headline!!!!

        1. I think it’s clear from my response to the first comment that iWayAfrica launched what they call business intelligence. Secondly, security in this context is a business component so whats pathetic about that?

          1. dont be rude! this is a public forum for people to air their views. if you dont like it, dont post articles which people find confusing!

          2. Do yourself a favour brother and accept when you are wrong, unless uri mazivazvese! Security is NOT business intelligence. Do not worst your breath arguing that. Go do some research and learn. They say kudzidza hakuperi.

        2. Business Intelligence is the processing of data and making it useful – vehicle monitoring and asset management and tracking systems are an essential requirement of business intelligence systems because to process data you first have to collect that data….. most of the mentioned systems often bundle the intelligence part in with reporting functionality

          1. Hardly! Its not a matter of logical inference…if then ….

            What industry CURRENTLY defines as business intelligence is not what this article claims it to be, regardless of what iWayAfrica called it or what you think it infers to.

            I am saying this with the utmost respect. This is my field of practice and that is not business intelligence. Gathering data, monitoring or otherwise, does NOT constitute business intelligence as a practice. Sorry

            Knowing terms and words does not mean find any opportunity to use them.

            Thats what marketers do. Not technical people.

            1. I’ve done Business Intelligence based work before and I agree with you, with a big but… Nusiness intelligence tools are useless without collecting the required data to start with. yes what iWay has talked about is not BI but from the limited info i have seen (on this post) the applications mentioned are covering this initially, its like me asking my bank what’s my average monthly outgoings when I haven’t opened an account with them yet!

              However it does form a key part of BI in the bigger picture. who knows maybe this is iWay’s step 1 and step 2 is actual BI products that leverage the products released in step 1 – its not obvious what the case is here, only that what they currently launched on what we read and see in this article is not really BI.

              It may be remotely possible that the aforementioned packages being launched do contain BI elements and iWay is “stretching the truth” a bit but was not mentioned or highlighted in said conference (or the author did not talk about it) which if they didnt highlight is a bit of an own goal in itself

  2. Definition of Business Intelligence is the to extract data from corporate data and in through discovery transforming that data to knowledge. What we saw was not business intelligence, but merely an integrated security system. And everyone is right, you should change the topic. There is a very big difference between the two. I realized I was in the wrong room and if everyone in the room was like me, then they definitely called the wrong crowd. Any business intelligence professional worth his salt will tell you that. No ETL engine was mentioned. No Reporting or Analysis Engine mentioned. How is that business intelligence. Disappointed

      1. I guess my error was in reporting exactly what iWayAfrica said they were launching. No intention to mislead anyone, just reporting what was presented as they presented it.

        1. One would expect more from you to have done your own research before posting articles. Then there’s no difference between you and the conventional journalist. You owe it more to yourself than to us to research on topics you write. It takes a second to find it with the availability of Google.

          When we come here as people in the field, we expect a deeper understanding or at least an effort/ attempt to verify known terms in the our field as you report them.

          Ofcourse,you are nowhere close to a scientific journal but the way you excuse your self to “reporting as is” is akin to a journal contributor attributing to heresay with no substantial knowlegde or depth in the field which they claim to write for.

          You really need to take this in and aim to produce good quality content and not produce volumes of contents for the sake of it.

          If you find that offensive and feel you need to defend yourself, then am truly sorry about where you are headed.

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