Regional & Global Roundup: Samsung’s “Africa” TV, Africa’s FB top 10, DotAfrica

Tendai Mupaso Avatar

Samsung with special curved UHD for Africa (TechCentral)


Samsung unveiled a curved 23″ UHD TV targeting the African market. The TV has alternative power sources for continued viewing in the event of power cuts. The estimated price is under $400 and it is expected for retail mid-year.

Top 10 African Countries on Facebook (IT News Africa)


IT News Africa ranked the top 10 African countries on Facebook and Egypt is top with 13 million, Followed by South Africa with 9.4 million people using Facebook. The IT News Africa list has Senegal at 10 with 767,820 user. Zimbabwe has a little over a million active users based on the maximum audience that can be targeted with Facebook ads.

DotAfrica (.africa) Top Level Domain available for registration in September (IT News Africa)

IT News Africa is reporting that we will start seeing .africa domains in September 2014. The story has some background information on why it wasn’t happening and you will find it an interesting read.


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