Regional & Global round up: FireFox OS at Mobile World Congress, MTN vs. Cell C

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The $25 smartp hone from Mozilla (Mobility)

firefox-webMozilla has announced plans for a $25 smart phone running on its FireFox OS at the Mobile World Congress in Spain. There are many reasons not get excited about this late comer in the mobile OS space. Firstly, cheap may not cut it if the app ecosystem is not well furnished as we suspect it is right now. Secondly, it’s really hard to see iOS and Android losing any of their ground. There is no more profitable space for Blackberry and even big brands like Nokia are experimenting with Android.

Huawei unveils its first Firefox OS powered smartphone (Techweez)

Huawei-Y300-webHuawei is also jumping into the FireFox bandwagon with the launch of the Huawei Y300. The specs on this device are basic entry level but nonetheless, seeing big emerging brands adopt FireFox could be exciting for those who like to see many players in the mobile OS field. Don’t be surprised to see another mobile device brand announce a FireFox device.

MTN considering legal action against Cell C over an Advert (Mybroadband)

MTN vs Cell C takes yet another twist. Firstly, Cell C wants to MTN for delaying new rate cut regulations and now MTN wants to sue Cell C for allegedly slandering them in an advert. The only challenge for MTN is that Cell C does not explicitly mention MTN in their advert. If you are still wondering what the advert is about, watch the video below.

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