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ICT Suppliers Association & ICT Ministry revive National ICT Policy discussion

Sam Kundishora
Sam Kundishora, at the last workshop to discuss the National ICT Policy in 2012.

Remember the “new” National ICT Policy framework that was supposed to be launched back at the end of 2012 but never saw the light of day – a consequence of elections taking over priority. Well, we’re finally talking about it again. The ICT Ministry, together with the ICT Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe, will be holding a 2 day workshop in Harare this week to discuss its finalisation.

The finalisation discussion has however come at a time when the country has a new strategy framework called Zim Asset (Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation), so the ICT Policy has to be revised to align it to this.

The even will be attended by the ICT Minister, Webster Shamu, the Perm Sec, Sam Kundishora, and other officials from the ministry.

Here’s an invite we got from the ICT Suppliers Association:

ICT Suppliers of Zimbabwe invites you to join in the finalisation of the Draft National ICT Policy Framework 2012 and ensure its alignment with Zim Asset for an empowered society and a growing economy. We feel the industry needs to meet and give its contributions to the policy as well as discuss the current status of the ICT industry in Zimbabwe as we are of the opinion that the process of finalising the ICT Policy will be incomplete without your explicit input.

ICT Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe (ICTSAZ) invites you to join us for a  workshop aimed at accomplishing the above on the 6th of March 2014 8am – 5pm and 7th of March 2014 8am – 1pm at Royal Golf Club.

Entry charges will be US $20.00 per head with lunch and teas provided.

Please confirm attendance.

Kind Regards

ICT Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe
Harold Muvuti

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2 thoughts on “ICT Suppliers Association & ICT Ministry revive National ICT Policy discussion

  1. Who owns this policy here, we the people or
    ICTSAZthe ICTSAZ a mere interest group?

    ICTSAZWhy is a government department allowing what should be an open policy-making process where citizens should be free to come and contribute in a democratic manner to out of the city centre where $20 a head is charged – itself a sign of sheer elitism.

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