iOS 7.1 release, Oscar Pistorius & Tweets, Digital banks… – Global & Regional Roundup

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Apple releases iOS 7.1 with CarPlay support, performance improvements, UI tweaks, new accessibility options, more (9TO5MAC)

iosThe Apple fans amoung you are probably celebrating already, as the rest of us either keep wishing we could get in on the fun too, keep hating your ecosystem, or we just ignore and pretend Android (or Nokia) are enough. Apple yesterday released the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 7.1. The update, according to 9TO5MAC delivers user interface tweaks, bug improvements and “dramatically faster animations and transitions.” There’s also the new CarPlay support we hear. If you have upgraded already, we’d love to hear in the comments how so much better this feels for you.


Oscar trial Twitter ban, and that it ‘went too far’ (TechCentral)

oscar-pistoriusYou may have read that a South African judge, one Thokozile Masipa, banned live feeds, tweeting, or blogging of  post-mortem evidence in Oscar Pistorius’s murder trial. Well, some analysts in South Africa say that the move went a bit “too far”. A TechCentral quotes an expert by the name of Dario Milo: “Unfortunately in my view that was a decision that, with respect, went slightly too far because it misunderstood the nature of Twitter as a court reporting tool used by journalists,”.


Kenyan bank, CFC Stanbic opens first digital branch (TechMoran)

cfc-stanbicTechMoran says CFC stanbic bank has opened the first ever digital bank in Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest city. The new digital bank allows customers to open new accounts digitally with no paper involved via mobile and online registration as well as make cashless transactions like funds transfers and M-PESA, KRA payments, government collections, online share trading, ATM cash deposits, says the report.


Some sales tips for startup entrepreneurs (YourStory)

sales-tipsThis is not really news. Actually it’s just not. But we love spending time on YourStory because of the useful startup stuff you’re always guaranteed to find there. We particularly found this one good as it has some nuggets on how geeks can improve the other vital areas of their new businesses, like sales. Please do check it out!


Edward Snowden: we all need to fight government surveillance [SXSW] (memeburn)

edward-snowdenSnowden, the man that has causing the US government sleepless years, said yesterday discussed the NSA leaks with the SXSW conference attendees saying technology enthusiast need to fight fight government surveillance with better encryption.

Says a memeburn report: “Snowden, in his first live conversation since he disclosed thousands of classified documents from the National Security Administration (NSA) and CIA in June 2013, and was subsequently charged with espionage, told the crowd of about 3 000 people that innovators at SXSW and the greater tech community should build better encryption into the next generation of technology.”



  1. ic0n1c

    iOS 7.1 visibly snappier on animations. And the redesigned dialer is awesome!!!

    1. L.S.M. Kabweza

      using it already?

      1. ic0n1c

        Yes, ko iOS is still a hobby to me lol.

  2. Llodza

    Those of us on PowerTel can’t tell the difference on iOS 7.1 and the predecessor: the network is slower than TelOne dial up here in GV.
    I managed to download it but can’t enjoy it!

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