Telecel Go launched with significantly reduced tariffs across all networks

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Telecel Go: Telecel's prepaid service brand
Telecel Go: Telecel’s prepaid service brand

Telecel today launched Telecel Go during a press briefing at Telecel’s premises in Harare. Telecel Go (we wrote about here) is primarily Telecel’s new prepaid service brand name. Although Telecel always had a prepaid service, Telecel Go represents the “brand name” for this service which was not there before.

More than just the brand name, Telecel customers will be excited with the tariff reduction that has come with it – across all networks. In addiction to the current mega bonus tariff, Telecel Go will also have Go Juic’r and Go Flexi plans which customers will have the option to migrate to and enjoy savings associated with each plan.

Go Juic’r has a $0.15 flat call tariff during all hours both on net and off-net calls (across all networks).

Go Flexi has different calling rates for different calling times. On Go Flexi, peak time calls will cost 19c, off peak 9c and night calls will cost 9c. SMS and data will remain at 9c and 11c respectively.

The Telecel Go also offers bundles for calls, sms, data and international voice calls.

Interestingly, Customers wont be able to flip flop between different packages, well at least without a cost. Telecel will charge subscribers to a minimum of 20c to migrate from their initial Telecel Go plan. Some migrations are not permissible all together.

New tariffs are being launched as a 3 months promotion pending POTRAZ approval for permanent tariff change. However, Telecel Go will still remain as Telecel’s prepaid service brand regardless of the POTRAZ consultations.

The new tariffs are a bit of a handful for one post but we have explained them here.

For now, subscribers can simply dial *737# and choose which package they wish to go for



  1. Langton

    So they will all use the same pre-paid top up cards?

    1. Tendai Mupaso

      I should think so. But the branding will likely change to promote the Telecel Go “brand”

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