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Technovation Challenge : video pitches and demos of ideas that came out

technogirlsSubmission of entrants to the oldest global tech competition for girls, the Technovation Challenge official closed a fortnight ago. A total of 18 teams successfully made their submissions.

The local leg of the Technovation Challenge was launched in Zimbabwe on 8 February 2014 at Hypercube Tech Hub, where scores of young girls congregated and registered to participate in this global tech competition for girls.

In the Technovation Challenge, teams of 4-5 middle and high school girls identify a problem, invent an app to solve it, code the app, create a company to launch the app in the market, and finally pitch their plan to experts for funding—all in 12 weeks.Through this experience, girls realize that computer programming gives an individual, regardless of gender or age, the ability to make a difference in the lives of others.

Teams that successfully completed this challenge had the following deliverables;

  • App source code (Android, iOS, or Windows)
  • 4-minute (maximum) video pitch (uploaded to YouTube )
  • Business plan
  • Team photo for each team
  • 100-word app description

Below are some video pitches and app demos of some local teams that participated in the Technovation Challenge.

  1. Paivapo by Baby Geeks Video Pitch  |  App Demo
  2. Health Awareness Zimbabwe Girls le Excellence Video Pitch  |  App Demo
  3. Junior Study Place Video Pitch  |  App Demo
  4. Uripi by Geek Charming Video Pitch  |  App Demo
  5. Nditarise Video Pitch |  App Demo
  6. Order Now by Technochixx Video Pitch  |  App Demo
  7. Women Voices Video Pitch | App Demo
  8. Branna App Video Pitch |   App Demo
  9. Navinter Video Pitch |   App Demo
  10. Fashion Fixer Video |   Pitch
  11. Devio Video  | Pitch

During the 12 week duration of the Technovation Challenge participants went through the following curriculum;

  • Lesson 1: Basics of App Inventor
  • Lesson 2: Brainstorming
  • Lesson 3: Market Research
  • Lesson 4: User-Centered Design
  • Lesson 5: Incorporating Feedback
  • Lesson 6: Entrepreneurship
  • Lesson 7: Business Plan
  • Lesson 8: Career Explorations
  • Lesson 9: Creating Engaging PowerPoints
  • Lesson 10: Project Submission Guidelines
  • Lesson 11: Effective Presentations
  • Lesson 12: Pitch Coaching, Wrap-up, and Survey

This story was written by James Mlambo. It first appeared on 

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