eLearning launches mCourser platform, presents it as a revenue opportunity

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Stewart Masimirembwa cofounder of eLearning Solutions at the mCourser launch
Stewart Masimirembwa co-founder of eLearning Solutions at the mCourser launch

Earlier today digital learning solutions provider eLearning Solutions launched their mobile learning platform mCourser at an event graced by stakeholders in education and content provision. We reviewed the mCourser platform last week following a media conference to highlight its core features.

The learning material is priced at $2 per subject per month with a $15 package for a 6 month access and $21 for an annual access plan. This fee structure applies to content in both primary and secondary modules.

Speaking at the event the co-founders of eLearning solutions Stewart and Itai Masimirembwa spoke of the strong desire they have to bring convenient learning to primary and secondary school learners through the application that has online and offline access.

They emphasised how the product was evolving to suit the local market and would benefit from content contributions made by publishers and learning providers. eLearning Solutions is currently engaged with publishers whose content is already approved and would have any contributions made for the system assessed to ensure the integrity of the system.

In the same breath it was highlighted how contributors to learning content approved for use the system would be able to garner revenue generated from the learners who subscribe to use the mCourser platform.

This is an interesting avenue that most teachers might want to explore seeing that additional income options like holiday and extra lessons were banned. It also gives publishers an opportunity to monetise content that is being affected by piracy and digitalisation.

eLearning solutions has already engaged with a local educator to create revision material for primary school Shona that is already available on the platform and was demoed at the launch.

Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Lazarus Dokora guest of honour at the mCourser launch

The guest of honour at the launch, Minister of Primary & Secondary Education Lazarus Dokora, applauded the effort being made by eLearning solutions. He remarked on how the company’s efforts to impart IT skills to teachers which had reached out to 2000 teachers needed to be expanded aggressively to reach the entire national complement of 140,000 teachers.

eLearning is not settling in the Zimbabwean market only with their mlearning product.The mCourser platform will be launched in South Africa on the 9th of July 2014 with a roll-out in Rwanda tabled for later this year in November.

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