Cisco introduces IoT certification

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Internet of Things (IoT) is all the rage when it comes to any discussion on what the future of a truly connected world is going to be.

Beyond our interest in smart homes, smart cars and smart cities or the fascination in wearable tech,the who’s who in networks is stepping up in their endorsement of IoT as well.

Cisco, the brand synonymous with all things networking related, recently announced a new certification specifically for people keen on proving their expertise in IoT.

This certification, together with the development of synergies among IoT stakeholders¬†through engagements like the IoT World Forum, has shown the tech’s giant’s strong affirmation of IoT’s role in the future of IT. The certification was made possible through Cisco’s partnership with Rockwell Foundation.

According to Cisco’s blog ,the certification, called the Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist certification, is for IT and Operational Technology professionals in the manufacturing, process control, and oil and gas industries working on the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of industrial network systems.

Through the certification Cisco intends top address the need for skills alignment for Operational Technology and IT professionals according to to IoT related tech and solutions.

Besides the writings on the wall regarding IoT why should Cisco care anyway? Well, its all about setting standards for the rising IoT segment really.

While the market has seen some training in configuring and maintaining of smart objects, each object or device has its own specifics. The networks used for IoT aren’t traditional.This alters the approach to setting up essential infrastructure for device or object interconnection.

There are countless different protocols used by smart objects devices.Cisco believes some degree of standardisation for all this in a world where convergence is being fostered by IoT will deliver huge efficiency gains.

Are you a networks, IT or OT professional? How relevant do you think this certification will be in your particular field in the short to medium term?


  1. macd chip

    I for a company which provide services to oil and gas companies(big companies). I also hold a variety of valid Cisco certs.

    I ready through the certification to see if it can apply to my work. It doesnt. What l see is Cisco trying to muscle themselves and drive their agenda like they are trying with data centre.

    We provide private cloud on top of other services. Having built the whole infrastructure for that, l feel Cisco is misfirring big time.

    At the core of of what Cisco is offering is SANs. There is nothing wrong with that if you want to sell a lot of hardware and create a market. Bt l wouldnt go near fuly fledged SANs. There are so many possible breaking points throughout the SAN, and thats what is at the heart of Cisco solution to oil and gas industries.

    1. tinm@n

      They are trying all they can to rebuild their reputation after the serious revelations that CISCO devices headed outside the USA were intercepted and had physical spyware(hardware) implanted into them.

      Cant blame them. Unfortunately their devices form the basis of almost all core networking infrastructure for critical services across all sectors.

      But does TechZim bother about such stuff… nah. Snowden revelations swooshed over them, yet the impact was worse for those outside the US for whom no First Ammendment protects.

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