All is set for ZOL Startup Challenge Harare meetup next week

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It’s ZOL Startup Challenge season again and as we mentioned in our earlier release, this year’s event has been scaled up to add a whole new dimension of competitiveness and reach.

On Thursday the 21st of August there will be the first meetup for the Startup Challenge at Area 46, a new co-working space and accelerator in Mt Pleasant Harare(Located Opposite The University of Zimbabwe).The cover charge to the meetup is $2.

Starting at 6 pm and wrapping up at 8 pm the meetup is meant to bring together aspiring participants and the organisers of the event in one space. This is the first meetup for the challenge, with a followup event scheduled for Bulawayo.

Some of the speakers at the meetup will be past winners of the challenge that have gone on to carry their startups forward as viable business entities.

The meetup’s discussion points will provide an explanation of the requirements of the Startup Challenge, how the new format is structured as well as a fireside chat touching on the opportunity for business being provided by the Internet.

The biggest takeaway from the meet up will be the networking opportunity presented to the stakeholders in the local tech ecosystem plus the thrashing out of issues surrounding mentorship and startup viability.

The ZOL Startup Challenge, now in its fourth year, is Zimbabwe’s main tech startup talent showcase. It brings together participants with internet based business ideas in a competition for prizes that range from cash, support services, mentorship and opportunities for seed funding.



  1. Alu

    I’m a bit lost – when you say a “follow up” event in Bulawayo, it suggests that the purpose of that event is different from that first meet-up event. Is that the case? In the initial information, it seemed like the Bulawayo event was meant to be exactly the same as the Harare version: having the exact same format but just meant for the entrants in that part of the country. Please clarify. And does this mean that 18 and 19 August are now null and void?

    1. Nigel Gambanga

      The events are the same as matter of fact. We have adjusted the timeline a bit so we won’t be sticking to the 18th and 19th. Hope to see you on the 21st!

      1. anon

        Just to confirm, this isnt a pitching event, right?

        Do I have to attend this one as a pre-requisite to pitching?

        1. Nigel Gambanga

          No it isn’t a pitching event. Attending is not a pre-requisite for the pitching stage either, but this first meetup will be the best platform to understand the new format for the challenge. There is also the huge networking opportunity with the stakeholders of the entire Startup Challenge process. Startups will get to appreciate the huge value proposition coming out of the ZOL Startup Challenge as well.

          1. anon

            Thanks for the prompt response. Will try make it for the meetup but not certain I will.

  2. Anonymous

    When then is the pitching date??