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10 great tools for tech startups

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Anyone who is part of a startup will tell you that the road is hardly easy. There’s a need to put on many hats to get the job done as startups are lean organisations that can hardly afford to hire someone for every role.

Thanks to various tech tools some of the work is made easier allowing a small startup team to accomplish so much more.

With that in mind we have put together our list of 10 tools for tech startups that cut across various segments such as design and development, project management, communication and social media management . This alphabetically placed list includes tools cited by startups and some that we have had the liberty of using extensively.

Each tool listed here has several superb alternatives so feel free to mention the option you prefer to use.


An awesome web based project management tool that makes communication, file sharing, collaboration and deadline monitoring a whole lot easier, especially for the typical local startup that has eight-to-fiver team members working in different locations. It has a 60 day free trial which gives ample time to establish if its a fit.


Bootstrap imageThis is an open source,  front end framework for website and web application development developed by some guys from Twitter. Working with HTML and CSS templates it supports responsive web design that is expressed through a mobile first philosophy. It’s worth looking up for the startup looking at working on a mobile app for a minimal viable product.


facebook mainThe world’s de facto social network has also made an indelible mark on the local scene. Due to its popularity and efforts made by MNOs to make it available to more Zimbabweans, its the fastest and easiest way to create web identity, assess popularity and build brand following through a smart use of social media. Its what works well for a startup rolling out a customer facing solution and keen on building community and getting feedback.


The world’s largest code host is largely popular among open source development pundits with its web based interface and mobile integration.  Users get to collaborate and manage code for a number of projects. It has the option for paid and private repositories as well as a “free 99” option.

5.Google Apps

I'm feeling luckyHere’s a package that gives you all of Google’s productivity tools as one offering. You get to subscribe for customised mail, Google Drive, the calendar, docs, sheets, slides and even hangouts. This however works for a startup that has figured out its revenue since the $50 per user per year might choke an illiquid startup.

6.Google Forms

Still on the Google tip, this tools offers you a way to create a survey and invite respondents by email. Respondents can answer from almost any web browser including mobile devices. Its an awesome way to validate the market’s perceptions and important for that trends analysis stage.

7.Pen and Notepad

This is not a new digital tool or cool app. Its the traditional pen to paper approach for drafting ideas, keeping track of appointments (sorry e-diary fans) and the very reliable doodle pad for brainstorming concepts before you add the electronic touch to them. While its definitely a matter of opinion here, I still maintain that some of the best ideas are best written down first. Besides there’s always an option to take a picture of what you put down and have it on Evernote in no time.


This tool uses simple tools such as themes, templates and options for charts and maps which is great for infographics and diagram creation. That’s something that will help illustrate your ideas or concept flow when you are preparing that important PowerPoint or document that you need to give potential investors.

9.uTest (now known as Applause)

If you are building something you are going to have to test it, something that sums up what this platform specialises in addressing. This testing can be for functionality, speed, user experience (UX) and load testing. uTest also has a very informative blog for anyone keen on understanding app testing further.



This IM platform has turned into the cheapest way to communicate whether as a team (using group chats) or in cases where you have want to build a community around your product or service. the instant feedback and option for file transfer means that amateur promo video of yours can have a good viral platform if it is shared or broadcast by your contacts.

Did you find any tools that you use already? What tools are the most essential for your startup or small business? What can’t you do without as a developer, designer or entrepreneur? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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