Here’s what the new airtime tax means if you’re a Telecel subscriber


telecel-sim-packRemember the new airtime tax that the Zimbabwean government announced last month. Operators, starting with Telecel today, are saying how they will factor it into their pricing, and predictably, that tax is being passed on to the subscribers. A statement the operator posted today reads:


Please not that due to the recent 5% levy on airtime Telecel will be changing some non-tariff aspects of our promotions and services. This means that some promotion and service benefits will be adjusted. These changes will not directly affect current tariffs.

The changes made will be communicated on Facebook and other traditional channels.


The English version of that announcement: “Expect your dollar to buy less than you are getting now, whether that’s in promos or service. We will however put it in such a way you will think the tariff is still the same.”

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6 thoughts on “Here’s what the new airtime tax means if you’re a Telecel subscriber

  1. Before I read you explanation, I was like “huh, what are they trying to say???” Telecel is having more problems than they bargained for…to add to the situation I hear Octavius was fired, meaning the promos he initiated were not yielding results.

      1. “We are not going to pass on the cost to the customer, but yeah, we are definitely passing on the cost to the customer”. What I got from reading it the fourth time.

  2. Translation: You are not going to like what we have to say, so we will be a hazy as legally permissible.

  3. kkkkkkk. As if the initial communication was not in English! For the to fire their markrting head just becasue they cant compete with Econet is really unfair..Econet have Microsoft’s advantage and its very tricky to compete with them.

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