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ZESA increases load shedding: what arrangements should you make now?


ZESA loadsheddingFor anyone expecting some sort of load shedding relief think again. The power challenges we are facing right now aren’t going away anytime soon (no surprise there). ZESA came out and said that the situation is unfortunately going to get worse.

In an article published in yesterday’s Sunday Mail, ZESA’s spokesman Fullard Gwasira attributed this to a fault at Hwange Power Station. According to Gwasira, because of the restoration to this faulty generator ZESA can’t stick to its load shedding schedule.

“In the interest of load shedding, consumers may not have power for longer periods than in the stipulated schedule.”


This means that the current load shedding schedule won’t do you much good. It also dismisses the assurances that the power supply entity had made less than two weeks ago regarding these powercuts and the work that was being carried out to improve the situation within three weeks.

Most Zimbabweans hardly take any of these promises to restore services to normalcy seriously anymore. If you are operating any business that relies on power extensively the best thing is to just make solid arrangements for alternatives to ZESA.

While the more popular alternatives include generators and inverters, for startups bootstrapping their way through an already brutal entrepreneurial climate, the funds for such an investment might not be available.

If you are in this situation, now could be the time to explore options like working out of an Internet cafe (yes they still exist), any public place (restaurant/cafe) with a sympathetic staff (just think of the wall-huggers in every food court) or working from the closest tech hub.

Without any end in sight for these electricity supply woes what arrangements are you making for power?

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