The ZOL Startup Challenge semi-finals on today

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ZOL Startup Challenge Semis
ZOL Startup Challenge Semis
One of the startup teams participating at the ZOL Startup Challenge semi finals

Exactly two months since we announced the 2014 ZOL Startup Challenge we have already reached the semi-finals which are happening today at Area 46 in Harare.

The past 8 weeks have involved engagement with startups and techpreneurs through skills sessions and a drive to demystify the entire process for this year’s ZOL Startup Challenge.

Throughout the day the twenty three startups that were selected from a pool of applications submitted last month will each make an elevator pitch to a panel of judges and answer questions on their product or service.

The finalist startups will then go through a mentorship period in preparation for the finals set for the 7th and 8th of November 2014. The winners from this year’s ZOL Startup Challenge will receive a cash prize, internet package and business services.

Although this year’s semi-finals are a closed session, Techzim will provide live updates for the event via social media, specifically live-tweets and some video footage on our YouTube channel later in the day.



  1. Khal Drogo

    Nigel, thanks so much for that update about ZOL Startup challenge. We shall keep our eyes peeled for more updates.

  2. Tendai

    why are they closed this time around attending this event was always informative and exciting its sad it has to be closed this time around

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